Vogue L’Uomo by Michel Comte : A Closer Look

“There’s No Party Like an LA Party — West Coast Story” Vogue L’Uomo, by Michel Comte

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Okay, okay, so I know I’m a little late. But it’s out! My Vogue L’Uomo February 2015 shoot is finally out. This shoot is an editorial called “There’s No Party Like An LA Party — West Coast Story ” shot by Michel Comte. The theme of the shoot is up-and-coming Los Angeles artists. There were all sorts of artists on set – painters, singers, rappers, graffiti artists, actors, you name it- and I felt honored to have been one of them… to have been viewed as being more than a model. Because it’s true, I don’t ever look at myself and think of ‘model’. I see myself as a creative person, an individual as a whole, that loves beauty & has a passion for creating it.

One thing that I love about working with Michel is that he is someone that is very loyal – this was my third time shooting with him, and I was absolutely delighted and relaxed to find that the whole crew would be the same as the first and second times working with him. It was a great day.

So. Ever wondered what a Vogue shoot with Michel Comte looks like?

Here are backstage pictures (that I wasn’t allowed to publish prior to the shoot being released):

Milk Studios in Los Angeles

Welcome to Milk!

Milk Studios. Where most of the ‘bigger’, more prestigious photo-shoots take place. This is what the Cahuenga entrance looks like! It’s all white granite and is almost blinding in the sunlight. This is also where the latest FW15 Tom Ford show took place!

Michel Comte's Mood-board at the Makeup Stations

Upon arrival, usually one of the first things that a model does is head over to the makeup chair to start hair & makeup. This process can take upwards of two hours (sometimes four believe it or not). Especially when shooting in a studio, everyone’s on a time crunch because the studio is rented out for only a day (8 hours) – so, straight to work! On this particular shoot, because there were so many talents on set, there was a lot of waiting time. The picture above is of one of the makeup artists’ tables, with Michel Comte’s mood board on the walls. What I love about Michel’s shoots is that he has giant walls of mood boards and inspiration pictures everywhere – I love this because I can understand early-on what the desired mood of the shoot is. I can study.

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Crazy Bird makeup!

All of the talents had one look. This was mine, a sort of bird-like cat-eyed Harajuku girl. I actually kept one of the eyelashes, so that one day I can show it to my children and remind them of what a good life their mom had. Their mom shot for Vogue! Dreams can come true. 
Behind-the-scenes : On set with Michel Comte

This is the set! Ever wondered how the inside of homes & buildings on T.V. shows are shot? Most of the time, it’s all shot in one giant studio. Fake walls are put into place to create little rooms, or different scenes. On this particular shoot, we were all supposed to be at one giant party. One scene was “outside” next to a graffiti wall, one scene a “mansion” with beds and snakes, another with us coming out of Bentley’s! All of this was done, however, in one studio. YEP!

Behind the Scenes: On set with Michel Comte

Scott. Scott stayed with me all day long on this shoot. Because there were a lot of artists on set that had to go through hair, makeup, styling & shooting, there was a LOT (like, 4-5 hours total) of waiting time. He’d just sit and watch, greeting me with a giant smile every time I ran towards him for a kiss. The sweetest. So thankful for his love and support.

Behind the scenes : On set with Michel Comte

SNAAAAKES! Just when I think that I’ve done just about every shoot possible, I am always surprised with being put into unique and amazing situations. Michel walked over to me during the shoot and whispered in my ear “today you’ll be wearing a snake”. Well…as much as I was dying to shoot with a snake and really WORK it, the shot didn’t work out that way. As I walked towards the set, I realized that I was supposed to be naked, on a bed, with two other naked women, and a giant snake. If it had been just me wearing the snake, standing up as a powerful, strong woman,  I would have been thrilled. However, I couldn’t bring myself to do this particular shot because I didn’t like what the image stood for. I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. And that’s OK- sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. Because it’s your body, your image, your name, your future. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that the work you do is one that will make you proud. Do your best, and protect yourself. Also, I always ask myself “is this something that I’d be embarrassed to show my family?”. If so, refrain (unless it’s in good taste and beautifully done, and you feel comfortable).

Behind the scenes: On set with Michel Comte

So here’s a little fun fact! On set with Michel Comte, the pictures that pop up on the monitor (from the camera) are quickly filtered and selected by a DP (director of photography), then are printed out & pinned onto a board. This is so that the team can step back and look at the progress of the shoot, to see if everything flows & the mood is on point. I personally LOVED this, because I was able to see my images almost immediately pinned up on the wall. Sometimes on shoots we never see our images- or, we’ll see them months down the line.

Behind the scenes: On set with Michel Comte

Behind the scenes: On set with Michel Comte

BTS with Scott and Producer and Stylist

The producer, stylist, Scott and I got our photos taken for fun. Here’s a screen shot (I look crazy!!! I was just really excited.)

VOILA! Any questions? Comment below and let me know!