Thank you Marie Claire! “Meet the 15 Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram”

Marie Claire France and US just featured me as one of the best 15 fashion bloggers to follow! I am so surprised, and also so honored. My dad actually had sent me an email this morning saying “look what I found!” (thank you dad!). This industry is a very curious rollercoaster — often times I never know if the things that I write matter, or if they touch anyone, or if anyone reads or cares (even if I have people tell me otherwise. The mean side of my soul likes to bash! It’s that terrible thing that we do). It’s easy to feel that it all goes unnoticed, however once in a while there is a spark of light, a nice sweet push from the World that maybe says “just keep going little one!”.

Thank you. I will.

And especially, thank you Lori Keong, writer at Marie Claire. It is an honor and joy!

15 fashion bloggers with Marie Claire