Sunbleached Tones + The Perfect Espadrille

A little street-style moment on Abbott Kinney in Venice, California. I love the linen fabric, creamy whites, and embroidery on this Eres x Vita Kin dress! So beautiful and effortlessly elegant. A perfect look for a summer in Los Angeles, post dip in the ocean.

Also, can we talk about these espadrilles?! They are the perfect espadrille, and I should know because every summer in the south of France I am on the hunt to find the perfect pair. This hunt usually ends with me resorting to buying simple-but-affordable-and-cheap ones at Casino (a French supermarket chain), which is a fine option if you only need your shoes to last two whole months. However, more than ever is it important to invest in quality items — for your wallet, yourself and the planet. This means taking the time to plan ahead (ahem, me!), know your options and substitutes, and finally, save for and purchase items of quality that will last. When I think about how many Casino espadrilles I’ve purchased over the years, I realize that I could’ve bought a nice pair all along. This is something that my grandma often reminds me of. She’s always told me, “Alexandra, it’s silly to buy cheap because you end up spending more money than if you bought one nice piece that lasted a lifetime.” To add to that, buying one nice piece is much better for the environment than buying ten throw-away pieces. More on that topic later —there’s so much to say! For now, these Dôen espadrilles are beautifully made, simple in appearance, light and elegant in design, complimentary-but-not-distracting to an outfit and last but not least, comfortable and wearable with just about anything. Paired with this outfit is a match made in heaven!

Photographed by my beautiful husband Scott Vance

style details below

Eres x Vita Kin

eres by vita kin

Dress – Eres by Vita Kin

Espadrilles – Dôen

Jewelry – Loren Stewart

Straw Basket – Dôen