Refinery29: “How to Master the Cool-Girl Smoky Eye”

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot for Refinery29 and Set Daze  with one of my favorite makeup artists Gloria Noto and beautifully awesome photographer Samantha West. I always love shooting with Gloria (Check out  for our first Set Daze shoot), because we tend to dive into deep conversations about life and I always feel that she “gets” me. Check out Refinery29’s feature about how to get the perfect smoky eye- not too dark, and still soft and sexy. A perfect way to switch it up from the go-to cat eye.

Refinery 29's smoky eye tutorial with Alex Noiret Refinery 29's smoky eye final look with Alex Noiret

Refinery 29's smoky eye step 1 with Alex Noiret

Refinery 29's smoky eye step 2 with Alex Noiret



1. LINER“I started by using a brown liner (Votre Vu Le Joli Crayon in Chocolat) to sketch all over the lid. The goal is to create an almond-shaped cat-eye that’s angled upward and has a pointed edge”

2. BLEND“After I filled in the shape, I blended. You need a clean, stiff-but-round brush for this step — I love Antonym #10 — because it gives you enough control to smudge the color without making it too messy”

3. LAYER“Once you’ve blended both eyes, it’s time for the fun part: layering! I used a bronze shade from Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Emerald Gold and swept it from the inner corner onto the lid, allowing it to serve as a highlight”

4. MORE LAYERING“Then, with a short, synthetic brush, I layered a lighter golden shade from the same palette on the center of the lid for an extra pop of intensity”

5. BROWS or LIPS“it’s also important to give structure to the brows” “A tailored brow and a cat-eye, to me, are an ideal pair: They live in the same world. You could also skip it and go for a classic red lip: It depends on your taste”

6. MASCARA“pile on the mascara like you’re getting ready to go out. It’s all about smudged lines, wide eyes, and a lot of attitude”


I personally love this smoky eye – it’s in the same family as a cat-eye, but dressed up in a light sexy casual way. Which, if you know me and my cat-eyes, is wonderfully refreshing.

Set Daze for Refinery29

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