Redondo & Bolier Music Video


Last week, Scott and I were running all over LA shooting with photographer Easton Schirra and director Spencer Byam-Taylor for the new music video Every Single Piece by Redondo & Bolier featuring She Keeps Bees. Although Scott and I have been swamped with work and projects lately, we couldn’t say no to working with these two. I’d been wanting to work with Easton for a while now (We also have a few mutual friends which made me think that I already knew him) and Scott and I love any opportunity where we can work together…because it’s fun, and because it’s great to have documentation of this time in our lives.

Check out the video:

[youtube id=”9vFYB8EKesw” align=”center” maxwidth=”650″]



We started off shooting in an apartment at 8 am in DTLA. The first scene was Scott and I “waking up” and I kept thinking to myself  “I have the best job ever if I get to lay in bed with the one I love and call it work.” I was impressed at how much of a good fake sleeper Scott was – he did NOT crack a smile once! Bravo, my man! Soon after the scene was done, I noticed that my cheeks were pink and warm and soft- just like when you were a kid and your mom would sweetly wake you up in the morning. You know, that ‘snuggly’ look. At some point I was chilling on the windowsill ( that sounds cool, but really I was very scared) on the 8th floor of a huge apartment complex in DTLA. People looked like large ants and life was going on all below me. I kept imagining what it would be like if I accidentally lost balance, came crashing down – “SPELACK” on the cold hard cement. What would happen? What a horrible scene to witness. ( actually, when I lived in Paris a couple of years ago in the 18th district, a baby had fallen off of the top floor. I guess it had crawled underneath the balcony railing. I was seconds away from witnessing such a horrible thing- my gosh I can’t even fathom it).

On Edge in DTLA


Scott Holding On

Scott took this picture; he’s holding on to my hand as I was basically hanging off the 8 story building ledge

The next day we were shooting in the desert, and something special happened. Scott and I were cruising down some big empty road in a burgundy vintage car, when one of the home owners stopped one of the D.Ps and invited the whole crew to check out his land. This man had famous race horses! What a wonderful surprise for me. In France, I lived in this little horse town called Maisons-Laffitte, known for its famous horse race tracks. As a horse lover, growing up in this town was heaven- after school I’d go riding with my crazy instructor Roui, and I’d always see people riding horses in the street. Anyhow at some point, the owner of this horse barn released a few of the horses to run around. It was such a special moment as the animals frolicked and rolled around, eventually coming towards us to say hello. I love horses with all of my heart- what incredible, strong, elegant, intelligent creatures. One horse in particular came very close to me. I let it smell my hand, eventually caressing his face and eventually he had his head over my shoulder, hugging me. It was such a powerful connection of love, I won’t forget it. I believe that we as humans have spirits, and so do animals. We are essentially all one, tied together by love. We can understand each other through those wavelengths and feelings. Incredible.

Desert with Scott

Horses Frolicking

Horses Lip

The owner showed us how horses are “stamped”- under their lips! Who knew. Maybe that’s where the human underlip tattoo trend came from. Just kidding. But maybe!

(The reason why I haven’t been able to horse ride in LA is because I haven’t found a place that costs under 1k a month and allows me to ride freely. Ideally the perfect situation would be to visit a family horse a couple of times a week, take it on a walk. SO…if you know anyone that needs a horse-walker, let me know. I will love it to no end).

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as Scott and I did. We really had a blast, and both Easton and Spencer are WONDERFUL people that we feel so grateful to have worked with. Was it really work? Hardly, I’d say. I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. I am so grateful for this life, family, love, friends, and the special moments. I am so so so thankful for all of the blessings and trials that I’ve had in my life that have formed me. I am one lucky girl, that is for sure.

Taken by Scott Vance

Shadows at Vasquez

In the video, you’ll see Scott and I dancing and grooving. This was completely spontaneous, because on the other side of the cliff that we were standing on, our shadows were projected onto the hill in front of us. Magic moment!

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