Our Redondo & Bolier Music Video Hits Over 1 Million Views! FT. Alex Noiret & Scott Vance

Shooting Redondo & Bolier’s “Every Single Piece”

A little over a year ago Scott and I shot this music video for House DJs Redondo & Bolier’s “Every Single Piece” with some of our favorite people Easton Schirra and Spencer Byam-Taylor. It’s crazy to think that that was the first time we’d ever met, because I feel like we’ve been friends for so long now. I love them to pieces. And, it’s also crazy to see this video blow up to 1.4 million views! Craziness. This was also the second shoot that Scott and I had ever done together. We had a great time, hope you enjoy! Here’s a BTS picture:

Redondo & Bolier's "Every Single Piece" Music Video; Behind the Scenes

[youtube id=”9vFYB8EKesw&list=PLiAeWstsAH7itCGg1rdf7gRZWw9TxnpX3″ autoplay=”yes”]