Coucou Paris: Our Week Trip with Sézane and Eve Denim

Last month Scott and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary, four years together as a couple and Scott’s birthday! I was initially planning on surprising Scott with a trip up to Northern California (staying in a gorgeous, magical treehouse). However, the treehouse was in Santa Rosa; the area that was sadly ravaged by a terrible fire (not unlike the ones we are currently seeing in the Ventura area. It is frightening and sad). Anyway, Scott suggested we go to France and stay with my grandparents! So we found a great deal on tickets and left last week for Paris. Once we arrived in Paris, we spent a lot of time with family and friends, ate at some of our favorite places, took some photos, explored new museums, discovered cute shops and streets and indulged in LOTS of hot chocolate and baguette! Although we were only in France for five days, I feel we spent our time beautifully, balancing family time and discovery. That’s not to say it was entirely perfect; the winter cold was freezing and, most importantly, I wasn’t able to see my dad. But anyway, we just got back to Los Angeles last week, and here are a few photos from our trip! This time around we were lucky enough to collaborate with Eve Denim & Sézane, two gorgeous brands that make beautiful, timeless pieces.

I want to give a special shout-out to Scott. He is kind, gentle, funny, lovely, intelligent, talented and most of all — he is golden like the sun. Traveling and being by his side 24/7 is a joy. Four years strong!

(Scroll for full outfit details!)

Red Sweater, Purse & Mary Janes – Sézane

Sailor Jeans – Eve Denim

Rings – Loren Stewart

 Socks – Kiliwatch Paris