OnLifeBeauty x AllThatRemainsLove

Not only was I able to take Scott with me to France this past summer, but I also had the chance to take bohemian crochet-swimwear brand All That Remains Love with me for the ride. Working as a duo (our newest project called OnLifeBeauty — just released two weeks ago!) Scott and I pranced around France, photographing some of my favorite childhood locations all while wearing beautiful and intricate crochet, macrame hand-cut lace, bohemian prints and hand stitched embroideries from India, Turkey and Thailand.

Growing up with a grandma that had an eye for quality and fashion, I had always been taught to be aware of my clothing choices and the details behind the color, shape, style, and background of each piece. Because of this, working with All That Remains Love was a treat. Every piece is individually made by hand, and no two pieces are alike. Each fiber has its own story, and that particularity is something that I truly love!


OnLifeBeauty x AllThatRemainsLove in Biarritz

OnlifeBeauty x AllThatRemainsLove in Biarritz