New Video : Sam Amidon’s “Blue Mountains” by Andrea Sisson Ft. Alex Noiret

“Blue Mountains” by Andrea Sisson Ft. Alex Noiret

I am so excited to share with you guys my latest collaboration with musician Sam Amidon & director Andrea Sisson for “Blue Mountains”. The video premiered yesterday on Paste Magazine and as they said, the video is “a ballad about a young woman who falls in love with a married man.” Here is the video, along with some screen-caps. Enjoy!

[youtube id=”83pAsX4InsI” align=”center”]

The girl is a young woman, a little naive in the beginning. She wants to be loved and desired, and so when the married man offers the girl material things, she’s consumed & excited at first. However, as she grows, she soon becomes tired. She feels used, in a way. She understands all that the relationship was and wasn’t.

Blue Mountains. Alex with Hands

When Andrea first sat down with me for tea a few months back, she shared with me the concept of this video. I immediately wanted to take it on, because I knew that I’d been that girl before (not necessarily to the extent), and I knew that I could do it (I also knew that I wanted to work with Andrea. I’ve admired her and her work for some time now). I hoped that I could portray the woman and story that Andrea was describing, and deep down I knew that I could. I also knew that it would be a new challenge for me – which was exciting. This is the first “conceptual” video that I’ve done, and I absolutely loved discovering this new world of symbolism. Andrea would explain to me each scene, and it was fun panning in my head, sorting my ideas and thoughts as to how I would portray the certain emotion or movement.

Alex Noiret by Andrea Sisson. Running and Prancing

Filming this video was the most extraordinary experience. Andrea is a very special human – there’s something completely untouchable yet mesmerizing about her; she’s close yet she’s far. She’s an incredible visionary and has a very particular eye and way of working, that I love. While shooting for “Blue Mountains”, I felt as though I connected on her level. There was a sync, and times where she didn’t need to say much – we understood each other. It created this bond that I will forever cherish.

Alex XCU with hands

After wrapping the shoot, someone asked me “how exactly do you perform? Where do you go? You’re in another world, but where?.” After a few minutes of thinking it through, I realized that I do go to a certain place. When I am in front of the camera, I am at once feeling what the character is supposed to be feeling & pulling from past emotions, all while coming outside of myself and observing what visually, my movements must look like. It’s both internal and external – there’s nothing random about what I do. It’s all thought out (very quickly, in nanosecond brain speed).

I am extremely grateful for opportunities like these, where I am able to grow and push myself. I am grateful to work with teams that are so talented and kind. I am grateful to work on jobs where I am celebrated for whom I am. I am grateful.

I have to thank Andrea Sisson, Pete Ohs, Michele Andrews (#stylebymish) , Annah, Sage Price, and Sam.

Alex Noiret by Andrea Sisson

What did you guys think of the video? What were your favorite parts? Can you relate to the story? Comment below and let me know!