New Digis!

YAY! New digis are here, shot by Mike Courtney, one of my agents at Vision. Thank you, Mike!

Additionally, I’d like to give a shout out and thank you to my Vision family for always being there, along for the ride. I may feel my best today, both mentally and physically, but it’s taken a journey, as you can read more of here. As a model working in the fashion industry, it isn’t completely unexpected to be measured, weighed or berated when it comes to keeping our physique— from dying our hair to watching our measurements— even down to the centimeters. As the years have gone by however, I have seen a change happen within the fashion industry, in large thanks to social media. Social media has given models a voice, and with a voice has come personal power over branding and connecting on an intimate level with our clients and the world— in a way that wasn’t as accessible to us before. Furthermore, as our diverse planet has increased access to social media— and in turn the world of fashion— so has there been an increase and need for connection, diversity and diverse representation. Though some agencies and parts of fashion remain in the past, I am proud to be represented by an agency that stays ahead of the curve with an eye towards future. They see their models as models should be seen today— as more than a bag of measurements and pretty faces, but as personalities, entrepreneurs, women with potential, diverse looks, opinions, skills and personalities and, above all, as humans.