Behind the Scenes: Mirage Magazine by David Shama


A couple of days ago, the day after I shot Vogue, actually, I was booked to shoot for Mirage Magazine, which is a semi-annual super-cool, fresh, ‘raw’, film-photography  fashion magazine. Actually, I’d call it more of an art magazine because the whole concept of their shoots is that they only shoot vintage- it’s not about the clothes or brands. It’s about the beauty and art. Which I love. Henrik Purienne, a friend of mine and super-cool photographer from South Africa, is the creator of this magazine, which comes to no surprise. It’s genius.

So the day started off kind of…interesting. The night before, at 11 pm, I’d sent out emails requesting the call sheet (an email stating the location and time of the shoot) to both the stylist & my agents- with no response. (Sometimes I am emailed call sheets pretty late in the evening, so I hadn’t thought twice as to why I hadn’t received it). O.K….so I decide to go to sleep, and figured that once I woke up, I’d have a call. Or, I figured that the call time would be later in the day, since it must not have been that urgent.

WRONG! I woke up at around 10. Still no emails. So…I contacted the stylist on Instagram. Finally, a response! : ‘OMG WHAT you were supposed to be here an hour ago!!!! I had sent an email to your agent!’. Turns out, it was one big miscommunication.  My agent hadn’t seen the email, and no one had seen my messages. So here I was, in my bed, in pajamas with crazy hair, receiving an email that I was supposed to be on set an hour prior. This had NEVER happened to me. I am almost always, always, always there and on time. Anyway, it all worked out. I arrived on set and thank goodness they’d been working on another model, fellow model friend Ashley Scott (whom I’d worked with for the cover of Telegraph Magazine with Tierney Gearon last year! Small world!). Everyone on set were sweet hearts. It was my second time working with stylist Sean Knight, who is extremely talented and tasteful (not always easy to find), so I immediately felt comfortable and at home. The photographer was David Shama (who has shot for Diesel, Nylon, Flaunt etc), whom I originally thought was French, but alas just like Michel Comte, he was Swiss. Deceiving accents.

As I was in the hairstylists chair, I looked to my left and saw this beautiful girl. I thought “oh! So there’s three of us today!”. Nope, her name is Alexa Brassard and she was just Sean’s assistant. WHAT? Cool. She was so awesome. During the entire shoot, she was helping everyone on set by making their lives easier. She would swoop in and quietly change the photographer’s film, she would sneak my phone and take pictures for me, she would suggest really important perspectives and serve wherever she could. I was really, truly impressed. Some assistants just sit in the corner and huff. She was on top of it. My gosh she was great. AND I was surprised that she wasn’t a model. (She looks like Nina Agdal). Anyway.

The actual shoot was 70’s themed. I had ‘angel wings like Farrah Fawcett‘, as my mom would say. Bethany Brill (@bbrill) did the hair, and my goodness it was beautiful! Perfect soft waves. Erin Moffett (@beautyundone) did the makeup, and she’s great too. This was probably my…fourth time working with her? She’s also super talented. It’s always so nice to see familiar faces. We shot in a beautiful modern retro decor house in the Hollywood hills, and every single item in that house looked like it had a story. I can’t wait to be able to do the same. So the first shot was a bathing suit look, which was of course, UNDER THE RAIN! This is actually not surprising. I feel as though I have been frozen for all of my latest shoots. Bring it. We each had around..6 different looks that day? Great amount. Also, I LOVE the clothes that were in the 70’s, or any decade prior. Why? Because the clothes fit me perfectly. The clothes were built to accentuate the beauty of a woman’s body. Deep V necks, high-waisted pants and skirts, room for hips. Womanly. My body is very womanly (for a fashion model, at least) – I have shoulders, boobs, a waist, hips, a butt, some thighs. But I am still petite; I have small bones. Sometimes I feel as though clothing today was made for a box body. There is no effort put into creating shape within the clothing. Before, there were designers and brands like Yves Saint Laurent that would be all about the sensuality of a woman- today it feels as though mass-production and money is all that matters. Because it’s true.

Retro Glasses
Lots of Film

BTS Selfie


The shoot didn’t wrap too late which was great- I had more than enough time to drive home, study and work on my final for school. I also had the chance to drive the other model Ashley home. She is so sweet. She’s super down-to-Earth. I love people so much!!!

I am so excited to share this shoot with you guys! Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Q: If you could live in any era, what would it be?

Comment below and let me know! Personally, I would’ve loved to have lived in the 1950’s, just like Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, etc. Incredible women that had grace and talent.