Landon McMahon x Alex Noiret

In a recent post, I briefly talked about how much fun it is to see and work with familiar faces. Over time, the fashion industry starts to feel like a tiny world, a small web of connections and beautiful souls (there are spiders like anywhere else, but leave them alone and they’ll do the same!). Having this sense of familiarity, connection and building of relationships make shoots feel that much warmer and feels like a dream come true. I always dreamt of doing what I do today, but half of that dream has always been to do it alongside kind, beautiful, thoughtful, talented people. Without them, I’m not sure anything would be the same — it certainly wouldn’t be worthwhile or fulfilling!

I first met Landon McMahon last summer while we were both shooting for Anthropologie in Philly (where they are based). When he told me he was coming to LA, we had to shoot! I’m so glad we did!