“L.A. WOMEN” Vogue Italia ft. Alex Noiret shot by Michel Comte

Vogue Italia’s “L.A. Women” by Michel Comte

Vogue Italia is out on stands now!!! I had so much fun on this shoot, and am so grateful to have had this opportunity to shoot among some other really great women. Shooting with Michel & Ayako is always a pleasure, and it is always exciting to arrive on set and wonder what the inspiration for the day will be. Every shoot so far has been drastically different, but individually and beautifully detailed. For this shoot, the “inspiration” for my shot was to portray Catherine Deneuve (one of my favorite actresses!)  in “Belle de Jour”. The big hair was built,  70’s purple liner was drawn, and we were off!  It is such an honor to be included in this series, and I want to thank Michel & Ayako for giving me this opportunity.

and, catch my “first look” at seeing the editorial here (which, by the way, was done in one take so bear with me):


Vogue Italia February 2016 playing "Belle de Jour"


Styling: Ayako Yoshida

Editor: Giulio Martinelli

Hair: Dennis Gots

Makeup: Nathan Hejl & Melissa M

Nails : Nettie Davis