JBRAND Jeans Spring ’19

The new JBRAND Jeans Spring campaign is out, and I am so thrilled to show you this story! We shot on a fairly cloudy day in Los Angeles, though the atmosphere was anything but. I was thrilled when I looked at my call sheet ( a pdf with the location, time, and team members listed of a shoot) the night before shooting and saw a few familiar faces on it! After a few years of working in this industry, and particularly sharing close (literally) spaces with stylists, hair and makeup artists, bonds are made and memories are shared, which makes this job that much sweeter when it brings us all full circle. The first time I’d worked with Nathan, for example, was on set Vogue Italia a few years back. The second was for Grazia (with Hilary Walsh!) last year, and now, Jbrand! It’s been fun and special to catch up through the years and see how we’ve each grown into who we are, at different intervals.

Jenavieve is an incredible photographer whom I’d been wanting to work with for a long while. I followed her on Instagram and hoped we’d shoot at some point — I was so excited to learn we finally would be working together! She moves like a ninja, flowing and snapping away (my favorite). Not only that, but she is charming and witty and lovely to be around. The entire team was lovely as well, which made my job…well, not feel quite like a job. It was a whole lot of fun — chatting away, dodging cars, trying different hairstyles, doing what I love — working with kind, talented people.  And, of course, it was and is an honor to work with such an iconic brand. A big thank you to Mary Peffer!

Shot by Jenavieve Belair, makeup by Nathan Hejl, hair by Marco Minunno, styling by Siena Montesano , Creative Direction by Kamaryn Potter, production by Vincent Ha.