“Falling” by Jimmy Marble for SXSW

I am so excited to share with you these series of photos that photographer-director Jimmy Marble & I shot for the new SXSW (a music festival) posters. Just when I think that I’ve done just about every type of shoot possible, I’m proven wrong. I spent half the day jumping & falling sideways on a trampoline (which resulted in severe whiplash. Do not try at home).  Jimmy is a bubbly, bright personality (which also reflects in his colorful photographs) & so the shoot was lovely and relaxed. Makeup artist Bethany Toews worked her magic & gave me a classic Hollywood look with a bright red lip- which is by favorite. Now you know (but you probably already knew!). She also was very motherly and kind to me, because I was actually pretty sick and it was only getting worse as the hours went by. So loving. Stylist Georgia Stockwell (ggggbone!) was super-cool & effortlessly talented. She knew what clothes fit my body type and I LOVE when stylists pay attention to this. It means the world to me, because sometimes stylists assume that I can also fit into a 00. Hello, I have a Marilyn-esque body with shoulders, hips and legs! I can cheat almost anything and make a garment look good, but it warms my heart and makes me want to jump up and down when a stylist dresses my body for what it is. Because it’s true & it does matter- nice, fitting clothes makes a woman feel beautiful.

The entire team was a pleasure to work with, and I can’t wait to hopefully collaborate with them again soon.


 Alex Noiret by Jimmy Marble in "Falling"

Alex Noiret by Jimmy Marble in "Falling"

Alex Noiret by Jimmy Marble in "Falling"

Alex Noiret by Jimmy Marble in "Falling"


Alex Noiret by Jimmy Marble in "Falling"


Some backstage shots!

Making of the set...featuring: Trampoline

That's Jimmy sitting up there! haha

That’s Jimmy sitting up there! haha

Have any of you ever been to the SXSW festivals? If you’re going this year, let me know if you see these pictures!