DOEN SS17: The Road To Hana

The Dôen SS 17 campaign is here!

And, It’s our ANNIVERSARY! I wrote this article an entire year ago, after DÔEN‘s first collection to ever launch came out. I remember feeling so grateful to have worked with such an uplifting, beautiful team and brand. Little did I know that that feeling would continue to span for an entire year, and that I would be able to develop a deeper love for this brand and the people behind it. In an increasingly fast-paced, often disposable fashion industry (both in clothing and in models), it is also for this reason that I feel extremely fortunate and honored to have been the face of DÔEN for this amount of time. Thank you Margaret, Katherine, Hilary, Phoebe, and the entire team for always seeing the best in me, and loving me as I am. While most of my clients today, thankfully, book me ‘as I am’, I have never felt quite more at home than with this group of close-knit women. You are all special, talented, loving, and inspiring!  Thank you for bringing me along for the ride. It has been pure joy and I could not be more honored and proud of the strides and accomplishments that Dôen has made in so little time. I love you all!

For this collection, DÔEN and I hit the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii. I’d never been to Hawaii before, so this trip was extra-special. We stayed for a total of four days ; two days to travel and relax, and two others to shoot. Over those four days we hauled our van through thick, humid jungle,  beaches of black, white and red, swam in blue, warm water, snacked on dried oranges and banana bread, posed with chickens and goats, and enjoyed the humid air and girl talk. (The girl talk was a close favorite.)

Here are some of my favorite shots, shot by Hilary Walsh. I hope you enjoy!!!

DÔEN SS 17: The Road to Hana