Dôen Spring ’19: Welcome to Australia!


Woohoo!!! Dôen Spring ’19 is out!!! For Spring 2019, the Dôen team crossed the equator into… Australia! Specifically, northeastern Australia (in a state within Australia called New South Wales), on the coast of Byron Bay. Byron Bay is a beachside town filled with gorgeous surf beaches, lush jungle-like forests, wild animals and birds, and warm, free-spirited people. I entered Australia with wide eyes, in awe of its warm, sweet breeze and constant sounds of beautiful, singing birds. I left inspired by the laid-back, wholesome lifestyle the Aussies that I’d met had shown me.

We stayed in Australia for a total of six days, two to travel (technically 3 days of travel, as we lost a day traveling to the southern hemisphere), and four full days to shoot. One extra day than usual, because there were many, many looks to shoot! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect— sunny skies until we wrapped our shoot with a big rainstorm, just in the nick of time. Prior to this trip, I’d listen to Hilary (the amazing photographer and woman) talk often about her love of Australia (and birds!). I hoped but didn’t think I’d actually have the chance to witness what she had been talking about, especially so soon. I still can’t believe It! What an incredible experience, gift and joy — most of all, and as always, to be surrounded by some of my favorite people, and to be a part of Dôen’s journey. I am so grateful. I absolutely love this collection and hope you will too!


Here are final images shot by the incredible Hilary Walsh! Behind the scenes post coming soon:)