DÔEN S18 shot by Hilary Walsh in Lima, Peru!

Dôen Spring 18 is out!!! This time around we shot in beautiful Lima, Peru (yes, Peru! A dream!). We stayed there for a total of five days — two to travel, three to shoot. Although the circumstances were difficult at times, with high winds and unexpected traffic, we had a beautiful time, made some memories and had fun along the way. I love this collection (and the ladies behind it all!) with my whole heart and, as always, it is an absolute joy and honor to be a part of Dôen’s journey. I am so grateful. I hope you love this collection as much as I do!


Here are final images shot by the incredible Hilary Walsh, along with some behind the scenes photos and stories!


Behind the Scenes:

When we first landed in Lima, we drove straight to Hotel B, which is located in the heart of the artsy-bohemian beach town of Barranco. It was first built in 1914 as a family mansion and later restored into the beautiful art-boutique hotel that it is today. Staying there was an absolutely beautiful treat! If you ever go to Lima and visit Barranco, I highly suggest staying here at least for a night 🙂

We woke up early the next morning, ate a quick breakfast, filled the van with clothes, and off we were! First stop? Exploring the town of Barranco, by foot and car (we were so lucky to have Hilary’s adorable (and Peruvian!) cousin as our guide/driver/bodyguard, otherwise we would’ve been a little lost!).  We roamed the colorful streets and shot many (many!) rolls of film. Here are a few favorite behind the scenes shots of the town of Barranco, a town that certainly doesn’t lack COLOR! So fun.

Next Stop: Second Home, the beautiful home-turned-hotel of Peruvian sculptor Victor Delfin. A tall, beautiful metal gate closed off his residence from the public…once entered, however, opened to a sort of tropical oasis, with statues, plants, and cats all about. Victor’s home is filled with his art and each corner is special and unique. Not to mention the view of the ocean from the garden! Dreamy. (One of my favorite moments pictured below, middle right: Phoebe and I were having a laugh attack because we could NOT get my hair to look even remotely decent or “cool” in a half bun. It was hilarious! Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself. We do a lot of this type of laughing whenever we shoot, which makes everything light. So many wonderful memories!)

Here are a few photos of me with Alex the Alpaca and Lola the donkey. Both so sweet and tender (especially Lola. Alex was only interested in corn, but let me hug her anyway. Haha!)

On one of the days, we drove out towards the desert and ocean, to an area called Paracas. On our way there we stopped by an aqua-colored, fishing-boat-filled lagoon, where I almost had a finger snapped off by trying to lure this Pelican in for a photo! Haha. Next was the Mars-looking desert.  The winds were heavy and harsh, but somehow we pulled through! Almost as if out of a movie, a man came riding over the hill in his tiny red tuk-tuk. We waved at him in hopes that he’d pull over and agree to shoot with us for a shot or two, and he did! His name was Luis, and he was adorable. His smile made my day. Another joyful desert instance was when Hilary and I noticed these bright purple shells laying in the sand. Later in the day we also found them on the beach— by the tens! We were in awe and wonder as we scrambled to pick up a few to keep for memories sake. (We later found out that they were only Peruvian oyster shells, thrown aside after being eaten and aren’t rare at all! LOL! But still, a beautiful memory and keepsake. I still appreciate and love you, purple shell!)


Thank you Dôen for having me be a part of your beautiful journey, once again! Although Peru is beautiful and diverse in its land (and apparently is the most diverse land in the world!), it was the women that I was with that made my time priceless, as it always is. Thank you, Katherine, Margaret, Hilary and Phoebe for another beautiful trip, filled with beautiful memories that I will cherish and keep close to my heart forever. I love you all with my whole heart! Congratulations on another beautiful collection, from darling statement tops and knits, silk floral dresses of my dreams, and the best espadrilles I’ve worn and had my eyes on yet. So proud.