Behind the Scenes of our Anthropologie Shoot in Jersey!

Back in late June Scott and I had the incredible opportunity to shoot a campaign for Anthropologie! The shoot took place in two locations — first Pottersville, then Lambertville, New Jersey. It was our first time ever traveling to Jersey and we had so much fun discovering these two adorable, small-town locations. A big thank you to Anthropologie’s team of incredibly kind, talented, hardworking souls: Jodie, Melissa, Marlon, Christie, Shannon, Peter, and Michele.  Also a big thank you to Seth, Muse NYC & Vision L.A. We had a blast and are so grateful.

The Journey

The first shoot day took place in Pottersville. Because I was already in Philly shooting ecom for Anthropologie the day before, traveling to Pottersville was easy! Scott drove in from New York (where we’d been for the past few months) the day prior and whisked me away from my shoot toward Jersey. We stayed in Germantown, a teeny, cute town in Philly, about an hour out from the center of Philly.

The next morning we drove through open planes and farmlands until we arrived at our location. An incredible 18th-century dairy farm, beautifully renovated and restored with 35 acres of gorgeous landscapes and gardens, greenhouses, barns, a sweet owner, mother-in-law, and dog awaited us. It was a dream location with endless corners and nooks to shoot, which was great because we had about twenty looks to shoot that day.

The next day took place in Lambertville, New Jersey. While Scott took the lead and shot another model, I stayed behind and explored the cute, artsy, hippy town of Lambertville (I managed to hitch a ride with a darling lady to the local post office and bought a Moroccan rug to name a few things. Clearly, I was having a blast lol!) One of my favorite models to work with (we’ve probably worked together at least three times now!) is Valyn Dobson. She’s also signed by Vision in L.A. and I ADORE her. Not only is she absolutely beautiful but she is kind, thoughtful, attentive and professional. When Anthropologie asked Scott who he wanted to shoot on the second day, I crossed all of my fingers and toes that they would confirm her. They did! And we were so happy. We love you, Valyn!

And, that was a wrap! This was our first big shoot as a duo (On Life Beauty) and boy, what a shoot — Anthropologie — to start with! We had so much fun and are so grateful to Anthropologie for taking such good care of us and trusting our vision. Thank you, thank you!

And to those reading this blog post, thank you for following along 🙂