BEHIND THE SCENES: A 70’s Shoot With James Perry

Hey guys!

So yesterday I shot a really cool editorial with one of my favorite teams. Sean Knight was styling, Erin Moffett was over at makeup, and Bethany Brill did her magic at hair! Lensed by photographer James Perry, the whole theme of the shoot was 70’s bohemian rock-chic. I’ve been having a lot of 70’s inspired shoots lately, and I’m digging it. I feel that the 50-60-70’s coincide well with my aura and so, it’s fun to play the part.

In honor of this blog & desiring to post more behind-the-scenes pictures, I’ve also been trying to remember to carry my camera around with me! It’s a Canon Rebel XS that Jeffrey (my long-time friend & makeup-artist extraordinaire) gave to me when I was 16, only I’ve just recently figured out how to use the color-balancing buttons & functions. This has opened another world for me, and so, I hope you enjoy these photos! This is what a typical photo-shoot often looks like, and I’ll break it down into details for ya:

Waiting time.  At the beginning of a shoot, there’s usually always a little bit of a waiting time, to allow the artists to set-up their stations & prep everything before getting to work (unless the model’s call time is an hour after the others, for example. In that case, you’d better not be late because everyone’s waiting for you. Ha). This time one of the artists had gotten their kits stuck in the car – to my advantage, because I was a little late (thanks WAZE). 

Racks of clothes from Flaunt

Racks of Clothes from Flaunt

Balenciaga Tunic

Phillip Lim, Vintage, Heels

Clothes clothes clothes! All 70’s inspired, although surprisingly not vintage. Balenciaga coats, Marc Jacobs floral skirts & blouses, Versace…seeing these clothes on the rack reminded me of how “in” the 70’s are right now. I mean it’s true, just look at the runway shows! Or, all around you! (especially in LA). Leathers, jean jackets, high-waisted pants, flair bell-bottoms, bohemian dresses & patterns are everywhere.  Although I will say that I believe today’s true ‘look’ is more of a cross between 70’s, 60’s, and minimal. At least, that’s what my ideal outfit usually consists of. 

Pretty Home

Mood Board Prepping

Sean pulling reference photos. When words aren’t enough, photos help describe the desires of the heart. In this case, photos of Felicity Jones were pulled up for the eye-makeup & hair looks. Can I just say something : Am I crazy or is Felicity Jones not the most beautiful woman? Whenever I see a picture of her, I can’t stop staring. What a wonderful actress, too. (thanks The Theory of Everything for introducing me to her). 

Makeup by Erin Moffett

Bethany doing her thing

Hair & Makeup: On average, I’d say the process of hair & makeup usually takes an hour or two, depending on the intricacy of the look. This particular look was a winged-to-smoky eye, and shagged 70’s hair – fairly simple, although that doesn’t mean that I could do it on my own. Ha! 〈 In the picture above, Bethany wrapped my head with a stocking; it was to get a ‘slept-in’ look, with the hair being bigger at the bottom. Also not pictured: me dunking my head into the sink, to completely wet the hair in order to obtain a natural frizz by air-drying. 

Reflection Selfie

Changing Room

Changing-room self portrait! Time to get dressed! Being styled by Sean is always a pleasure. He’s fun, has great taste & I feel that for the most part, we’re on the same wavelength. He’ll have a big mirror in the room and he values my opinions – “which shoe do you think looks better?” “This one I think, yes.”

Funny Fact: I noticed yesterday how easy it was for me to change in front of Sean (or almost any stylist really). I don’t think twice about it and am completely comfortable being practically naked, which is also probably why a few ladies in the gym locker rooms look at me with curiosity when I’m changing. Maybe it’s also because I’m French; having grown up in France, I was always taught that the body is not something that is gross. It’s beautiful and natural. ( I also think that the body is sacred, if we’re talking about sexuality. But the body, by nature, is beautiful & pure). Anyway- just thought that it was an interesting thought (and I know I’m not the only model that thinks this!!!).


Shoot time! This is the part that I love most- when the photographer and team gets excited & we start being inspired. There’s a sort of light that illuminates and keeps the shoot joyfully going – anticipation. It makes me excited too! I think ‘Yesss I’m doing my job. You like it. Well, just wait and see, let me give you more’. It ignites a fire in me to inspire more.

Funny Fact: The only thing that kills this fire is when a photographer is doubtful, or indecisive. If the photographer talks too much, or gives too much direction instead of taking photos, it breaks the flow, because there is a certain flow. It’s a flow and connection between the photographer and myself – words don’t have to be spoken, it’s a journey that we create & if both make room to allow for creation to happen, it will. But if you keep talking instead of shooting, it won’t. Thankfully this almost never happens. 

SASS! I know. I know. It’s just the truth.

70's Shoot Preview

70's shoot preview

Screencap 2

A few previews, straight from camera. Tried to sneak-in a few shots!

Bye Sean!

That’s a wrap! Everyone hurried home in order to miss the horrible L.A. traffic that happens around 3:30. We wrapped around 3 which was perfect. A wonderful, quick shoot & a lovely surprise to work with these people again. I feel grateful and lucky. Also, I’ve actually known Erin (the makeup artist) for at least 3 or 4 years! It’s crazy how time flies. Crazy!!!

Gwen with Roses

I came straight home & found Gwen baby sitting next to our neighbor’s roses!!! She’s so beautiful! She also hates the camera, and darted a millisecond after this photo was taken. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you have any comments or questions regarding shoots, ask away! Just comment below and I’ll try and get back to you as quickly as possible.