“Baby Pop” Grazia France shot by Hilary Walsh

Woohoo! A few months ago,  Hilary Walsh (whom I love and adore!) photographed me in Venice for the newest Grazia France issue. When she called me for the shoot, I was delighted and excited! To shoot for French publications, and especially Grazia France, means that my grandparents can see what I do from their closest newsstand. Seeing as my grandmother first introduced me to fashion and beauty…making her proud and having her see the fruits of her teachings means the world to me!

Thank you to Hilary, Alexandra Bernard, Nathan Hejl, Traci Barrett, and the entire team. To my French friends and family — let me know if you see it in person!


And now some BTS:

 (Little story about this moment on set and these beautiful Givenchy pants:  When I saw them being handed to me, my eyes widened both out of delight and fear. “Givenchy! Gorgeous”, I thought. And then. . .”Leather. Pants. Oh, help me.” Leather pants are one of the most unforgiving articles of clothing I can think of. But — hallelujah — they fit like a doll. A few years ago that wouldn’t have been the case… not that it would’ve been the end of the world. And not that fitting into leather pants equates to anything important on its own. For me though, having this little breakthrough was unexpected, beautiful and rewarding. To see how much change can happen when change happens from the inside first, with hard work, consistency, and a little (a lot!) more self-love.  I’ve never felt more mentally and physically balanced than I do today, which I am so thankful for. There was a time when I thought that I’d never be able to speak these words and arrive to this point…because boy, finding a mind/body balance has been a life-long journey [and will undoubtedly continue to be]. But here I am! I am so thankful. You can find more about the journey up on the blog if you’re curious! Under the “health” tab.)

This car!!! So beautiful

here is the cover of the issue! To buy digitally, you can click here.