Ace & Jig Fall 17 x Vogue ft. Alex Noiret directed by Carissa Gallo

Woohoo! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting this video for Ace & Jig Fall 17 x Vogue. Brooklyn and Portland-based Ace & Jig is a beautiful womenswear brand built, designed, created by and for women — and when I say women, I don’t mean a cookie-cutter or singular type of woman. The Ace & Jig woman is diverse, cool, creative, tomboy, chic, ageless, and as colorful as the Ace & Jig custom textiles are themselves. Diversity is celebrated, and their Fall 17 video is no exception to that party.

I’d been wanting to work with director, artist, and photographer Carissa Gallo for a while now, and I can’t possibly think of a better project to have started that liaison on. While filming Ace & Jig’s Fall 17 short, I couldn’t help but feel enamored with Carissa’s unique eye and her ability to immediately know her vision and how she wants to bring that vision to life. She is strong, delicate and intuitive all at once. It was an honor and joy to work with her.

It was ALSO an honor to work alongside beauties Rhiannon McConnell, Lauren Field, Raiza Lopez, and Jomé Rain- all beautiful women, artists, creatives, and humans in their own rights. Together we spent the day getting our hair and makeup prepped by makeup artist Hayley Jean, being dressed by stylist Anna Weatherford, down-time munching on delicious dark-chocolate-almond-cashew trail mix, wandering around the massive, winding halls of our Beverly Hills location, chatting up a storm, oh — and filming our individual scenes. We shot until the sun was down, and it was a wrap!

Fun fact: I met Lauren, one of the muses in the video, while on a work-trip in New York a few years ago. My friend Jimmy Marble (who is also an incredible artist/photographer/director) was painting a mural in Brooklyn, and I stopped by to say ‘hi’. Lauren happened to be there, and we chatted — who knew that we would end up working together years later? And in a huge, once-owned-by-Frank-Sinatra Beverly Hills mansion nonetheless?

This life. So random, beautiful, diverse, and filled with magic.

Thank you to the entire team for a great day, It was an absolute joy and honor! Thank you, Ace & Jig for creating beauty, both in clothes and celebration of diversity.

Scroll down to watch the video and see the credits!


Director: Carissa Gallo

Producer: Andrew Gallo

DP: Marz Miller 

HMU: Hayley Jane 

Styling: April Hughes + Anna Weatherford 

Muses: Rhiannon, Lauren, Raiza, Jomé