A 70’s Love Story: Scott and I shot by Phil and Sara!

I present you: a 70’s love story featuring a duo (Scott and I) shot by a duo! Although it was my first time working with photographers Phil Chester and Sara Byrne, meeting them felt like déjà vu in a way. Regardless of the fact that Sara actually went to high school with Scott (in Boise — such a small world!), both she and Phil felt warm and inviting (and a little goofy, just like us), like a couple Scott and I felt we could have easily already been friends with prior to the shoot. Naturally, it was a lovely, fun and relaxed day. Thank you to the entire team (scroll for credits)!

P.S. Watching Sara and Phil work together was inspiring! Like threads creating a fabric, they weave in and out, collaborating and dancing as they respectfully communicate and execute their individual desires and visions. As a couple that also works behind the camera together, it was fun and inspiring for Scott and I to observe how another duo creates!


photography: phil chester and sara byrne

hair and makeup: sonia resh

styling: sam baker

thank you, team!