Street-Style: 70’s Inspired Look with Sézane and Baldwin

A street-style moment with Sézane and Baldwin (neither sponsoring this post). Two things I love: quality and effortless wearability. Because L.A. is finally cooling down a little, moving quickly from tank tops to light sweaters, this Baldwin sweater is a perfect staple to wear on chilly evenings! Super soft and made entirely of baby wool, yak and cashmere (each of these wools softer and less fibrous than other wools), this sweater is made with great quality that will truly last long and keep you warm longer. Additionally, because the fibers are all-natural, there aren’t any toxic, synthetic fibers eventually going into oceans or landfills (or even onto our skin, the largest organ of our bodies).

As for Sézane, I’m a big fan, especially, of their leather goods. Their purses are always impeccable, made with such quality and care that it brings a sort of honor to the leather (I don’t know if that makes sense; all I know is it’s a bit sad to generally see leather going to waste on products that aren’t made well or made beautifully). This purse, in particular, is not only made well but is fun and has an ode to the 70’s with its rounded shape, which I love.

Scarf: Sézane

Sweater: Baldwin

Purse: Sézane