Golden Hour Stroll with Bembien & Dôen

Golden hour!!! My absolute favorite time of day (runner-up is early morning, bright and early!). Golden hour (or when the sun is setting) is the time when magical shadows and beams of light come out to play. The world seems to slow down for a moment, and, depending on your perspective, it also feels as though the world has been flipped upside down. Trees aren’t just trees; they are themselves PLUS the beautiful artwork produced by their shadows. Flowers aren’t merely flowers; they are dancing flowers, showing off their moves against the nearest wall. And hair isn’t just hair when it’s golden hour…it’s hair, glistening gold like someone applied the KiraKira filter app! It’s magical.

So anyway, naturally, the golden hour has also become my favorite time of day to shoot photos.  This is one of my favorite little outfits that Scott and I shot in our neighborhood on our way to a Dôen pop-up!

(Scroll down for outfit details & more photos!)




Dress – “Buttercup” Dôen 

Espadrilles – “Francis” Dôen in Adobe 

Woven Bag – “Rose” Bembien

Jewelry – Loren Stewart