Bringing L.A. to a Blooming Brooklyn

A little street-style moment while walking through Brooklyn to go meet up with Margaux & Emilie for lunch!

Scott and I have been loving living and getting to know the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn. It’s quiet, beautiful, close to parks, nature, transportation, grocery stores, etc. We also, luckily, came at one of the most beautiful times of the year — spring! So when we crossed paths with this little flowery corner, we couldn’t help but snap a few photos. Too beautiful.

Wearing a few of my favorite designers and artists, which, as I just noticed, also happen to be entirely from L.A.! Dôen, Jesse, Loren, Sophie. Not only from L.A. but all incredible, talented, inspiring women designing, creating and running their worlds. Creating beauty and creating pieces that I (and women) love to wear every day. Being surrounded by and knowing of these talented ladies makes me feel proud, in awe and inspired; as a young woman, watching them carry out their passions and dreams inspires me to know that I too can do anything I work hard for and set my mind to. These women are paving the way. (And on top of that, they are some of the sweetest, kindest, coolest chicks. Which, if you know me, you know that that is what really sets my heart on fire. Passionate people, yes, but passionate, KIND people are…golden.)

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L.A. designers Jesse Kamm, Doen, Loren Stewart and Sophie Monet

Later in the day, as the sun was going down (golden hour, my favorite!!!), Scott captured this photo of me against a brick wall, where there was a perfect spotlight cast from the sun.

Top: Doen 

Pants: Jesse Kamm Ranger Pant

Ballerinas: Doen

Purse: Bembien

Earrings: Sophie Monet

Rings: Loren Stewart