A 70’s Moment with Sézane

Hi everyone! First off, I’d like to thank you for your love and congratulations on my signing with Muse in New York! I’ve been overwhelmed with your messages and NYC recommendations and can’t thank you enough. It is an absolute dream come true and I am so grateful and excited! Thank you!

And now, here are some photos from a date night that Scott and I went on. We were walking around our neighborhood when we spotted this incredible vintage bus from the 70’s. It happened to match pretty perfectly with the outfit that I was wearing (one that was very 70’s inspired, especially with these awesome Sézane pants), which felt like a movie-moment! Thankfully the owner was right around the corner and welcomed us to snap a few photos. It was a serendipitous moment indeed! (Serendipitous — my new favorite word.)

Afterward, Scott and I stopped to have a Japanese hot pot dinner. We’d never tried anything like it before, but I absolutely loved it! The way the dinner works is as follows: a pot of water or broth simmers and the diner cooks his or her own vegetables and/or meats in the soup. I found it to be a very healthy meal and I loved that it took time to cook and eat. In today’s world of immediate-satisfaction, paired with the hustle and bustle of the city, slowing down was a true treat. If you’re looking for a new experience, I’d definitely recommend trying it!

Outfit details

Cotton Embroidered Top – Vintage (specifically from fellow photographer Brian Higbee‘s incredibly stylish wife. She was having a garage sale one day and I couldn’t resist this top!)

70’s Cropped Sailor Pant –Sézane

Ankle Wrap Ballerina Sandals –Sézane

Purse – Bembien

Jewelry – Loren Stewart

Mustard Silk Necktie – Donni

All photographed by my sweet talented husband Scott Vance @ On Life Beauty.

sezane-Alex Noiret-by-Scott Vancesezane-Alex Noiret-by-Scott Vance