Hello 🙂 ( I’m french, so sorry for my bad english :$ ) you’re so pretty ! how are you doing? Have you always been so thin ? 23. May 2015

Hi! Ah t’es francaise! Super! Don’t worry. Aw thank you! I’m doing great! Today’s a relaxing day, just packing for New York and getting ready to pick up Scott from the airport. We’ll only have a few hours together, but nonetheless, it’s the best!

Have I always been so thin…Thank you for thinking so! Actually, you know, I am slim but I have curves. I have shoulders, hips, booty, legs…I look like a woman (which I am proud of!). And, I have always looked ‘womanly’. Even when I was 12 years old, I still had hips and curves. However today, I do have to pay attention to what I eat, and workout consistently, but in a healthy manner. It’s all about balance (but no I can’t eat cheeseburgers every day and remain at my current weight haha! Only sometimes 😉 )

I am interested in becoming a petite model. I am 5 ‘4 and am 26 years old. Do you know much about breaking into that here in LA? 26. February 2015

Hi! I actually don’t know too much about that agency-wise. However…social media is really awesome because you can brand yourself however you’d like and grow a following from there, which can get you jobs – even if you aren’t a 5’11 15 year old. 🙂

Hello 🙂 how is this to be model? Is it hard ? 19. January 2015

Hi! To be a model is something that I’ve always wanted, ever since I was a little girl. I was always attracted to beauty and the creation of it. Being a model, for me, is both rewarding and hard. Creating beauty, inspiring others & photographers on set brings a lot of joy to my life. It’s something that comes naturally, so modeling isn’t ‘hard’. I also love the voice that it gives me, and the potential that it has for me to build something big. But being able to physically model? That’s another question! It’s hard to stay in shape and I’ve always had a fluctuating weight. It’s always been a mental struggle. It’s also hard to only be able to control so much of the decisions that happen in your modeling career. There are so many factors as to why you are or aren’t booked for a job. That is why I have never wanted to ‘just’ be a model. It’s hard to wait around for things to happen, which is why I tend to go get the things that I want on my own. Then, that’s where the life lessons come in . Modeling is by no means an easy job. It requires a thick skin and a true passion in order to go in it for the long run. I am also very lucky; I’ve had support from family and countless friends in and out of the industry. I’m not so sure that things would have turned out how they have If I hadn’t had that support. Also, I am a VERY spiritual person, and that Is my rock. It reminds me that I have value other than what a casting director thinks of my hips or whatever. Working as a model has taught me many, many lessons and for that, I am thankful.

What is it like to be accepted into the fashion industry as a model? (Non-looking model model) 20. December 2014

Do you mean : What is it like to be accepted into the fashion industry as a model that doesn’t necessarily look like a model? Well, to be honest, my weight has ALWAYS fluctuated. I’ve been smaller, I’ve been bigger. I guess it has been humbling to know that I can still book fragrance campaigns and Vogue Italia at my biggest weight, and still be loved for who I am. Sure, I wasn’t booking as many look-book jobs, but I was still shooting for great publications and I hadn’t lost the support from the industry or my agency. It’s been a very humbling experience for me. I feel very blessed.

WITH THAT SAID. I have also been rejected by every single New York agency (after Paul Rowland left Ford NY), and have really had to build a career for myself. It’s all about persistence, patience and time. The more I learn to love myself and build on my strengths, the more the industry loves it. The happier I am, the more I work. When I first started modeling, I really wasn’t booking many jobs, because everything was based solely on my looks. I was a 14 year old scrawny nervous girl and I hadn’t yet grown. I hadn’t yet experienced trial or relationships or pain or having to fight for anything. I think today, the industry loves models that are PEOPLE, that have a story, and have other aspects to them than just modeling. Which has been a wonderful thing for me.

When you talk about being rounder, what were your measurements? 20. December 2014

At the time, I probably had a 38″ inch hip at least.

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