You are such an inspiration to me! <3 19. June 2015

That means the world! I hope I can just spread goodness. Thank you for following! It’s you guys that keep me going!

You look like the mix of Emma Watson and Kristan Stewert 19. June 2015

AH! Thank you! I hear that all the time. Thank you!

Do you rather live in the USA or France? 8. June 2015

I love both. I have been so blessed to grow up in both areas.

Both have their special characteristics. I feel that L.A. is more open to creativity & “becoming your dream”. I feel that there is the room to grow in Los Angeles. Everyone is striving to achieve their dreams. Everyone is on a different path.

In France, I feel that it’s more traditional. There isn’t such an appraisal or approval for straying the norm. At least, that’s my experience. I come from a very conservative French family, so that could be why. Although I believe this is the general feeling.

With that said, life in France, as a whole, is much better. It’s much more rich. The food is delicious, the air is cleaner, the water is cleaner, the people are a little more loyal, education is free, beautiful history and architecture; life feels very whole. It’s a wonderful place to raise kids. I am so glad that I grew up in France.

And then, I’m glad that my later years have been in Los Angeles, during my time of growth. It’s the best of both worlds. So… who knows? I’d like to live in Los Angeles for now. France later, absolutely.

Hey! What filters do you use for your pics? 8. June 2015

HEY! I use a few on VSCO cam. The trick is picking one or two and being consistent.

Hi ! What’s your favorite restaurant (or any place to eat) in LA ? 3. June 2015

Hi! Most of the time I cook at home, because it’s generally healthier (and cheaper), but Scott and I have found a few really yummy healthy places:

– Forge (nice healthy food overall, in Silverlake)

-Lemon Poppy Kitchen (yummy sandwiches, hidden & quiet in Glassell Park)

-Kitchen Mouse (vegan, super clean foods near Echo Park)

-Veggie Grill (the powerbowl is my favorite! in Pasadena)

-Urth Cafe (Scott loves the pesto paninis, I love the greek salad with pita bread)

-Blaze Pizza (Scott’s fav)



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