I just want to say: Somedays, reading your blog makes my day. You’re the inspiration for the people all around the world (I’m from Turkey for example) I believe you & Scott have ‘the thing’ to be this generation’s legends. Keep what you’re doing, stay as amazing as you are 🙂 26. December 2015

Wow. First off, Happy Holidays to you!!! Thank you for these sweet words and for following the blog. It’s people like you that make the fire burn brighter and inspire me to keep going. Truly, thank you. Have such a beautiful beautiful new day and new year! Love, Alex

What’s it like to be a model and also Mormon? I’m LDS myself and think that it’s super cool how you’re able to balance both so well 🙂 6. November 2015

Hi! Ah thank you! What’s it like to be a model and a Mormon…It’s actually really awesome. This industry can be a really tough one. I’ve lived both sides of the spectrum…being a model as a spiritual being, and not. And I can truly say that having the faith, core structure, morals and support system that I do have has been a HUGE strength. It has helped me during hard times to persevere. It has shown me light and has given me a bigger sense of self worth. It has given me the strength to say “no” at times. Before, I put a lot of my worth in fashion. Fashion was all that I hoped for. Nowadays…fashion is something that I do, but it is not my life. It is a part of my life. And that is incredibly empowering and liberating and allows me to share more of who I am to the public. And having that freedom makes me happy. And, it seems like it is refreshing for others too, not just me. So that makes me happy too.

I’ve been following you for a long time and you’re my inspiration. Just want to tell you congratulation on your wedding! and wish you guys will be happy forever! ?❤️ I’m a big fan of you, love from Tokyo ??? 4. November 2015

OH my goodness!!! Thank you!!! Thank you for following. Thank you for the love. And the wishes. It means a lot. We are so happy! I hope you are doing well. Sending love, XO Alex

Hi! I really, really love your hair and have been wanting a similar (if not the same) kind of cut! Would you mind telling what you ask for when you go to the salon? Or how the hairdresser cuts your hair? 4. November 2015

Hi! Aw thank you! I go to Salon Benjamin and have had Dylan cutting my hair for two years now. Because she knows me and my hair, I don’t have to say much, but I’ll usually just ask for little to no layers (only layers in front if I do), and a “blunt” straight cut at shoulder length (or longer or shorter depending on what I feel). My hair grows SO quickly, and so haircuts fade and seem like long layers, but I always ask for a blunt, straight cut. I hope that helps!

Hey, i know you recently lost a bunch of weight. You look AMAZING!! I am struggling with this because i am too a model. My hips got up to a 39 and im freaking out. What did you do to get your measurements down? Do you have any advice? 21. June 2015

Hey! Let me first off say thank you! Second, hello fellow model, I feel your pain.

Ill first let you know that it has taken me almost a year to get to this point. To this healthy point. Good things take time, I’ve learned. I’ve also learned that different things work for different people, and that healthy is the way to go. I used to get so frustrated, because I’d see other models looking amazing, and I’d wonder “why can’t I?”. This is mostly because of patience. I wanted results immediately, so I’d work out like a maniac and then see no results and then give up.

Don’t panic. It’s going to be okay. Do not stress, because your body will freak out and hold on to everything. Let it go. You’re beautiful, you’re alive, and healthy, all is well.

Now. Take baby steps. I was in the same dilemma (for a model) as you. Baby steps. Go on a walk, go on a little hike. Figure out a rhythm that feeds your soul, so that working out doesn’t become something you HATE. But rather, something you can’t seem to live without. Think of it as self-love and a treat. Notice how good you feel after every workout.

Now. It’s also all about consistency. You won’t see results in a day, or even a week, but keep going. Slowly but surely you’ll see a difference, and it will move you forward. Don’t give up! You’re doing it for your soul and happiness at this point anyway. Just keep going. (Personally, I found that I become very bored if I do the same workouts every day. So, I like to switch it up. Try pilates, boxing, yoga, aerial yoga, swim, ANYTHING but have FUN.) Make it fun! Your body loves that you switch it up, because you’ll be using and stretching different muscles. You will feel more fluid.

Then, the dietary stuff. Listen to your body. Eat foods that make you FEEL good after. Don’t go nuts, have a little ball of sorbet or cookie once in a while, when you feel like it. But DO NOT keep them in your house if you know you’ll eat the entire box in a day (like me!). Live a little. Your mind will thank you, and in return so will your body. Because you’re not stressed. Try to eat foods that are fulfilling and pure – I like to mix quinoa, tomatoes, avocado, red onion, black beans & feta together as a go-to meal. It’s fresh, easy and satisfying. I’ve found that eating a plant-based diet with grains and a very small portion of meat is good for me. Fruits and carbs mostly in the morning. But, this varies for everyone.

Once you’ve got a routine, it becomes easier and easier to maintain it. But please know that you are so beautiful and you are wonderfully perfect the way that you are. I was bigger at some point but I was happy and healthy in my mind. For the first time in a long time. I had stepped away from the crazy dieting and exercising, focusing on happiness and spirituality. It was THEN that I came back, as a happy young woman, simply seeking to get back on a healthy rhythm. I didn’t pay attention to the pressures of the world, and neither should you. Good things take time, and you have your own journey. I am so glad that I’ve had roller-coasters in mine. It’s helped me become who I am. SO, embrace yourself, love yourself, strive to be happy and healthy, don’t go crazy, have patience, patience patience. Listen to your body. Ignore the rest of the world.  Love you.


(oh- and if you are sick or tired, do NOT go work out. Scott’s helped me with that. I have a tendency to push too much, but it’s not good for you and your body will have a reverse effect. Just be kind to yourself and slow down.)

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