Hello, je voulais savoir : si tu n’avais pas fait une carrière de mannequin, quel métier aurais-tu fait ? 🙂 13. February 2016

Hey! You know, that is a very good question. I’ve always been extremely attracted to beauty and detail – so naturally, becoming a creative director or editor (after modeling) always seemed like a no-brainer. I always thought that I’d move back to Paris and study art history, and intern my way up into becoming a creative director. However. . . life works in mysterious ways, and I feel a lot more pulled, today, toward creating a greater good in the world. I want to bring beauty to the world and make an influential impact – with society, with people, with mothers, with models, with anyone and everyone. I feel the need to connect and mix the reality, beauty and rawness of real-life with the world of fashion, which is an extremely influential world. There is so much power to do good. I believe that there is a middle ground for both worlds to intertwine that hasn’t really been tapped into.

My answer to you would be that, I really have no idea. There are many possibilities in my mind. I am curious as to what the future will hold! As for the past, maybe I would have been studying to be a creative director, a journalist, chef, agent, who knows. Some days I want to conquer the world, and some days I just want simplicity. Family, nature, quiet. And so, I can’t really say. I have always followed my heart, and so I hopefully plan on continuing to do so, whatever that direction may be.

Did you have a temple wedding? 2. February 2016

Hey! No we didn’t, not yet 😉 This year! So excited!

Coucou, je voulais juste te dire, je te trouve très belle ( je sais que je ne devrais pas dire ça parce qu’il faut que je reste moi-même et blabla ^^) et je voudrais arriver un jour à te ressembler :p je sais que tu es française, c’est trop cool, tu es de quel ville ? et est-ce ça te manque la France quelques fois ? ( ah aussi je t’ai sur snapchat :p ) 29. January 2016


Coucou! Ah,  merci beaucoup pour ce petit mot et pour les compliments c’est tres gentil 🙂 Et oui! Je suis Parisienne, puis j’ai aussi vecu à Saint-Germain-en-Laye et Maisons-Laffitte. Et toi? La France me manque tout le temps, particulierement en ce moment car je n’ai pas pu visiter cet été. Puis Snapchat, oh c’est super, je suis completement folle LOL!

Will you post before and after pics of your process of transformation for inspo? 29. January 2016

Yes! I actually just published the post and video here where you can see before and after:)

How old are you? 29. January 2016

I am 21!

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