where are your favorite places to shop for clothes? 🙂 11. May 2016

HEY! That’s a good question. I don’t really do a whole lot of shopping, although when I DO, I love Madewell – their jeans and basics fit really well, and they really ARE made well (in my opinion – especially their leather boots!).  I also think that brands like Levis or Converse have great staples. If we’re talking about clothes that I would SAVE UP for, I love smaller designers like Jesse Kamm, Doen, or Marais. Vintage is great too. It makes me happy knowing that I am not only buying something of quality, but of importance – whether it be for the environment, or putting food on the table of an incredible artist.

Hello, I am interested in becoming a model. How lucrative is it for a career? I know you have to build up to making a lot of money; you can’t expect to make a lot when you are first starting out. I am just wondering if I should plan on getting another job or if I should just try to be a model full-time. Thanks in advance! 101, modeling - 5. April 2016

Hi! Thanks for asking! That is a very good question. There IS a lot of money to be made in the fashion industry (among few other industries left today), however, because there are so many girls, it is also very competitive. Although, never say never, this industry is also one where anything can happen! Working in the modeling industry is like having any freelance job – unpredictable. Some months you may work a lot, some months you may not. And, it can sometimes take a while to get to a point where you can live off of the work. It took me years! But then again, that is my personal journey. I would say, having a part-time job is a great idea, especially if you need some financial stability. Because this industry is anything but stable.


You are on Cup of Jo! So cool to see you there! 16. March 2016

Ah, yay!! Thank you for showing me! Awesomeness.

Salut Alex ! Si tu avais une amie qui complexe sur sa taille (1m65), que lui dirais-tu pour la réconforter ? Enfin selon toi, quels sont les inconvénients d’être grande (plus de 1m70) ? 2. March 2016

Hello hello!!! (Just so that others can understand, this person is asking “What would you tell a friend that is self-conscious about her height, 5’4, to comfort her? As with you, what are the disadvantages of being tall, more than 5’6?”)

My response to that would be: first off, is she self-conscious about her height, period? Or for modeling? In either case, I’ve learned that my height is the one of many things that I truly cannot change about myself. No amount of surgery, sadness or wishing can change the structure or height of my body. And so, I’ve realized that one of the best ways to deal with it is to accept this fact, and learn to love your height! What may seem to be your disadvantage can actually turn out to be your greatest advantage.  It will make you stronger in the end, and sometimes this all hinges on perspective.

Example: I am not very tall for modeling. When I first started, I was really self-concious about it and would try to wear the highest heels possible. Agents would always tell me that I was too short. So, I learned to prove them wrong. I learned to work hard and become really, really, really  good at what I did. Because if my height was the one thing holding me back, I wanted to be so good that it didn’t even remain an issue. So in fact, I am really grateful that I didn’t ever have the runway body come so easily. I wouldn’t have learned as much, I wouldn’t have fought as much, and I also probably wouldn’t be the person that I am today. I truly believe that I am a better model because of it.

As for being tall and how it is a disadvantage. . . honestly, I’m not that tall, so I can’t really say. Haha!

Something that I’d like to highlight, however, is the fact that we are all different shapes and sizes. Everyone including models in the fashion industry. I’ve become more aware of this as I’ve lived in it – I have never met or seen a model that was “perfect”, and I have never seen a one-height-fits-only. It really all depends. I’ve shot with some really successful girls that were 5’5, 5’6, not too far away from your friend! And on the other spectrum, I’ve shot with girls that were 6’2. It’s all the same, it’s all different.

Love yourself and your weaknesses will be made into your strengths. I know this to be true. <3

How was it like working for Dean Freeman’s Young Love short? 2. March 2016

Hi! Oh wow, the Young Love short! It was my first experience on video “acting”, and I remember the entire feeling on set was. . . rather effortless (though I really had no clue as to what I was doing). It was a great experience and a real confidence booster – to know that I could possibly act, and show emotion, and have a crew be so happy. . . all by just. . . being myself! I will always adore and be grateful to Dean for believing in me.

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