Hi Alex. Your Instagram and blog photos are stunning! What do you use to take your photos? 15. April 2017

Hi! Thank you so much! I typically just take photos with my iPhone, but occasionally I’ll slip in a few photos from my husband’s Sony camera (his camera is amazing). I use a filter called M5 on VSCO cam and also use Snapseed to toggle with the coloring by lowering contrast & shadows, yellowing greens, warming blues, etc. I hope that helps!

Hey Alex, I want to start modeling in NYC but am 20 years old. Am I too old? How much of an issue is age in your opinion? 29. July 2016

Hi! OK – you are NOT too old. I know that it can be intimidating to be a part of an industry that for so long has praised 14-15-16 year olds. I know the worries that come with being past the teenage life, like “maybe my time has passed” or “my hips are womanly now” or “my face isn’t as bright” however, youth does not always mean success, and most of all – every journey is completely different. There are models like Sasha Pivovarova who started at 23, Elsa Hosk who is 27, the list goes on. Being older also comes with wisdom, perspective, and time. Time to have developed the craft, or simply time to have a good head on your shoulders. I think 20 is a great age! The reason why agencies might lean more towards a younger crowd is because: more time to be developed = less chance of running out of time = more chance of hitting it big, or making money, for a longer period of time. It’s a business! But it’s also a gamble, and there are no rules. If you’re a great model, you’re a great model. Personality matters most. So, go for it, give it all you’ve got, and realize that you are still so young! Heck, you are younger than me 🙂

Hi! What were your reasons for having a civil wedding first and waiting to have a temple sealing? I am having trouble with this issue in my own life and would love to hear your experience! 14. June 2016

Hi! Would you like me to make a video or a post about my experience? I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. Not everyone may understand, but I think it could do a whole lot of good. All I want you to know is – It’s all going to be okay. Do what is right for you, right now. Not because you’re afraid of what others will think, not because you don’t want to “be different”. This is YOUR journey, and there are no rights or wrongs. And mostly – let me know if writing a post about this topic would help! Sending love to you. xo

Where do you place your self value and worth? If you were to have a lonely day and feel a bit blue..what would you think of to remind yourself why you’re special and life is wonderful? 24. May 2016


Well, thank you for asking this question! I really do have my blue days, and especially, days where I can be really mean to myself. We are often and almost always our own worst enemies, which is a terrible thing. However, in the times when I am feeling blue, I usually try to remind myself of the things that I am grateful for, and the many blessings that I have. My self worth is put into who I am, and who I am primarily as a daughter of God, as an imperfectly perfect human simply trying to navigate this Earth and do my best. Even if I know this to be true, when I am feeling blue, sometimes it’s really difficult to pull myself out. Sometimes I am having a “moment”, and I think that that’s okay! It’s alright to feel blue sometimes, if it helps us to be grateful for the sunshine happy days. So sometimes I’ll accept the blues for that day, take a nap or go to sleep, and wake up in the morning starting off on the right foot. When I think of all of the goodness that HAS happened in this life, and even the trials that turned out to be strengthening, I can’t help but be reminded of the God that loves me enough to have always taken care of me, through this crazy journey called life. But I am not any more special than every other human that walks this earth, and I am not entitled to having a good day. Having a good day is up to me, and I have to CHOOSE positivity. And lastly, as I count the reasons why I am blessed (for a roof over my head, food in the fridge, a loving family etc) I am reminded of how all is well (in the grand scheme of things). Every problem is usually smaller than it seems. I am reminded that life is a journey, and that it isn’t fame, scholarships, attention, or material possessions that make life wonderful or special. It’s the journey, and it’s love and growth. And every day I am growing, trying my best. And that is truly enough.

Hello Alex, j’aurais aimé savoir ta routine pour prendre soin de ton visage ? Et durant ton adolescence, as-tu rencontré des problèmes de peaux ? Merci d’avance ! (et au passage, tu es trop belle !) 21. May 2016

Bonjour! Oui, alors – ma routine est tres simple. Le matin je lave mon visage vite-fait avec de l’eau froide, puis j’applique toujours une creme hydratante, comme Embryolisse ou meme Ponds (un produit Americain). Si je vais passer une longue journee sous le soleil, je mets toujours une creme solaire. J’essaye de mettre un minimum de maquillage, si j’ai un bouton je l’enleve immediatement. . . etc. Mais surtout, l’importance, c’est de bien manger (sans trop de graisse), bien dormir, enlever le maquillage chaque soir, rinser le visage souvent avec de l’eau froide, et bien hydrater.

Tout ca en sachant que j’ai une peau tres seche, tout le temps. Hydrate, protege! Et puis, quand j’etais adolescente, je n’avais pas vraiment d’acne. J’ai eu des boutons parfois, mais rien de “grave”. Mais, c’est peut-etre aussi grace a ma grand-mere qui ma toujours stresser l’importance d’avoir cette ‘routine’, meme quand j’etais petite.

J’espere que tout ca puisse t’aider. Et puis, merci pour le compliment!!! Merci, surtout, de suivre ce blog. Gros bisous,


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