Vogue Spain Brides ft. Alex Noiret & Scott Vance

As you may already know if you’ve been following my Instagram, a few months ago Scott and I had the sweet surprise of having our wedding day featured in the latest Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Spain Brides!!!  It came as an honor and surprise that our wedding would be featured as inspiration in the first place, but to be featured alongside Lady Charlotte Wellesley, Jerry Hall, Ciara and Agyness Deyn was a dream. Thank you so much to Rocío Betés for featuring our wedding and being kind enough to send us a few copies of the issue. We are so excited and grateful to be able to keep a piece of this memory and day (you can see our story & photos here) with us in our home. Aside from loving this feature because it’s Vogue and It’s my wedding, I cherish this sweet memory for a few more reasons:

  1. I like to think that one day, when our children will undoubtedly think we’re uncool, I’ll be able to whip out these issues of Vogue and say, “Say what?!” Ha!
  2.  Seeing this framed in my living room reminds me that big dreams are possible. When I was sixteen years old, I traveled to New York City (on my own accord, but with my mother’s support) to meet with modeling agencies. One of the agents that I met with asked me what some of my goals were. Aside from working, creating beauty and conquering the world (just kidding — being a good role model/spokesperson), I said that I wanted to shoot for Vogue. (I especially wanted to shoot for European issues of Vogue, so that my family in France could see it and hopefully be proud.) The agents chuckled and said, “Well YEAH, everyone wants to do that!” Their laughs seemed so odd to me at the time. What seemed like an unattainable goal to them seemed not only attainable for me, but just the beginning of what I could do. I could see it clear as day. And so I pushed forward anyway, and with a few years, hard work, LOTS of failure, connections, determination, experience and finding my sense of self, I eventually shot for Vogue – multiple times! But never did I see an issue of Vogue reaching out to me to feature my wedding. Now THAT seems more insane to me than anything! Anyway though, if you remember anything, remember this: your goals are NOT crazy, no matter how many laughs you get or doors shut in your face. People can’t see what you see until you show them. So, show them. As JK Rowling said, “Anything’s possible if you’ve got a little nerve.” And if you feel crazy, remember that Aristotle said: “no great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” So be mad and give your dreams and visions a chance. Let them chuckle. Because sure, everyone wants to do it. But you did it. And that is the difference.

Below are the first issues that arrived, thanks to my friend Julie. Her coworker was living in Spain and sent us a few copies, which was so sweet. (Turns out Vogue Spain Brides is difficult to hunt down in Los Angeles!) Inside was a note of congratulations that I found tucked between the pages. Notes are the best; they’re like little secret messages from the heart. Personal, thoughtful, heartfelt and genuine — a letter has no ulterior purpose, ego or filter, unlike much of social media. Letters exist to simply and personally bring messages to one another, which I find refreshing and beautiful, especially in our social-media-driven world.

Anyway, as if these things weren’t enough, our photo (shot by Monika Ottehenning) was the opener for the article! This was our first look at the issue:

Vogue Spain Brides: “Real Muses: Models, Princesses & Other Celebrities Inspire the Nuptial Tendencies of the Season”

⦀A big thank you, once again, to Rocío Betés at Conde Nast⦀

Thank you additionally to Bride Boutique LA & Jasmin Shokrian for making the dresses of my dreams.