Meet the Clean Beauty Brand From Provence: Bastide

When Bastide reached out about sharing their newest eau de toilette perfume “Figue Amour” with me, I was both curious and delighted. Although I am originally from France, I had never heard of Bastide before (however the name did ring a bell…). Upon doing a little research, I quickly found that Bastide is not only a beautiful brand from the outside, aesthetically-speaking, but that they are also beautiful from the inside: cruelty-free, non-toxic, natural, hand-made, eco-conscious (in their packaging), and locally made in Aix en Provence. What more could you want?

When the package arrived, I was first impressed with the packaging. Only cardboard/paper and recyclable packaging (including a very sturdy paper mesh), a beautiful Bastide newspaper as an intro to the brand, and the products, carefully wrapped.

A page from the Bastide newspaper: Love!

In the package were a few beautiful hand and body creams, along with the delicious Figue Amour perfume (which by the way, in French translates to “Fig Love”). The pink and coral box which held the bottle was so pretty that I still don’t want to discard it, and once I spritzed it into the air in front of me, I was pleasantly surprised! It was absolutely wonderful. The scent is clean, light, woodsy, zesty, with a hint of sweetness (but not too floral at all). It’s the perfect eau de toilette for the home, and my husband Scott even loves it. A wonderful surprise!

Bastide Figue Amour Alex Noiret

One of my greatest joys lately has been being able to discover and work alongside quality brands that are not only beautiful on the outside, but consciously produced and made with heart as well. I take great pride in being able to represent and show these brands and products, which is why I was so excited to stumble across Bastide! Or rather, to have them stumble into my life.

A sweet, sweet surprise. Love!