Bon Appétit: Refreshing Mint Lime Virgin Spritzer (sugar free)

For years now, as a fashion model, I’ve learned and kept recipe lists of ways to keep my diet clean and healthy, all while remaining exciting and fun. I’d really love to post more of these clean recipes to share with you my passion and inside-scoop that I have both as a French foodie girl and model. Today I made a refreshing mint lime virgin spritzer, a perfect drink for warmer weather, in lieu of sugar-rich sodas or delicious-but-annihilating-your-loved-ones-with-your-breathe Kombuchas.

The inspiration for this drink actually originates from a photoshoot that I had a few months ago! The designer’s fiance made the entire crew lavender lime virgin spritzers, and they were delish. Of course, I tend to prefer adding mint—but in this case, the mint is an outlier that can be switched out for lavender, ginger, basil or anything you please.

Keep scrolling for the recipe, time it takes & photos!

 Sugar Free Refreshing Mint Lime Virgin Spritzer

Time: 2 minutes • Ingredients: 

Sparkling Mineral Water (I used Trader Joe’s)

1 tbsp lime juice (either from limes OR Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lime Juice etc.)

Liquid Stevia (Trader Joe’s has an organic, pure, liquid stevia. MAKE SURE the stevia you buy does not have sugar replacements like Erythritol or Aspartame, which are toxic chemicals that our bodies can’t properly metabolize. Just don’t do it if you can! Natural sugars like honey, stevia and/or coconut sugar are much better options.)

Mint! (optional – can substitute for ginger, edible lavender, etc.)

*TIP*: I found all of these ingredients at Trader Joe’s, however, these ingredients are common and easily found at any grocery store.


First, add a few drops of organic stevia. . . (a little goes a LONG way)

Next, drop the lime juice! I used 1 tbsp for this small cup, but add or reduce to taste as you please!


Now for the fun part: add mint, lavender, ginger, berries, etc. Tip for keeping mint: store mint on a lightly damp paper towel, then keep in a plastic bag, AWAY from the coldest part of your fridge.

A little sparkling water…


You have a fresh, beautiful, fun little drink that will not only please your eyes but your body as well. Without any sugars or chemicals, this is as clean as a sparkling soda can get.

Let me know if you have any recipes or different versions of this drink that YOU love!