5 Tips For a Healthy New Year: How to Find a Healthier Lifestyle With Food and Exercise

SO, I am not exactly one to know moderation. I’m an all-or-nothing type girl, especially when it comes to the way that I work and the way that I work-out. And eat, sleep, and live. I tend to push and give my all until I become burnt-out, tired and swing the other way on the pendulum. Although in some circumstances this has given me a lot of front-end stamina to push through some harder life moments, for the most part, it has been one of my greatest vices. And certainly, not once is it something that has brought balance or calm to my life, especially when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

Today I’m talking about a journey that I’ve had ever since I can remember, and that is the journey to a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight loss! (Not that weight loss should be the focus. Ever.)  I am so excited to be posting on this particular topic especially as we ring in the New Year, and I hope that it can help some of you feel understood and inspired. As a fashion model, I am always asked about how I stay fit and in shape. Although it is my job and although it may look easy, this is a task that has always come with difficulty for me. I’ve always been a “hip-y” girl (by industry standards), and I’ve always yo-yo’d, struggling to find a healthy balance with food and exercise, because, as I mentioned above, I’m an all-or-nothing-type girl. If there’s a crazy diet that you can think of — you name it— I’ve probably tried it.  All of them might have worked short-term, but they didn’t create a livable LIFESTYLE to where I was happy, strong and confident. The crazy diets would work for a few months and then I’d bounce back. My body would quickly become immune to the tactics, I’d become frustrated, angry with myself, completely let go, and then start all over. The focus was always on how I LOOKED, rather than how I FELT and how healthy I actually was. Ever felt this way? Keep reading.


5 tips for healthy weight lossHOWEVER… despite the years of yo-yoing and difficulties, this past year has been an incredible one. The coolest part? Exercise and foods do not feel like enemies or “problems” anymore. They are delights. Finding a way towards healthy weight loss and creating a healthy lifestyle has completely transformed my life, and I know that you too can turn your thoughts and feelings towards a healthier lifestyle. Now before you roll your eyes and lose faith, please just trust me on this. Watch the video to find out my 5 TIPS to do so and HOW everything changed (and yes, how I lost 50 pounds). I love you guys!


Modeling 101: Healthy Weight Loss

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