A Bride Story & Interview for Sézane

Coming up on four years of marriage, I’ve been reflecting on how quickly time has passed and all of the growth and change that has happened within these past four years. Our love for one another has continued to grow. Shifting and shaping, building our tree, sprouting new branches as we each grow, individually, but together, through life. Each branch, different and new, carries its own story, importance, and weight…creating, throughout the course of a lifetime, a big, beautiful tree of life. A tree filled with milestones and memories, heavy ones forming the trunk and lighter ones scattered on hundreds of leaves.

As all of these things were already on my mind, it was serendipitous when Sézane reached out to do a story on our day and the moments leading up to it! I talk about marrying at 20, following the heart, and embracing imperfection on what is supposedly supposed to be…your “perfect” day. It will indeed be perfect… but perhaps not in the way you’d think! And that’s the beauty of it.

Below is the story Scott and I shot together for Sézane, in Ojai! Followed with an interview accounting our imperfectly, perfect day (if you click on the writing, it will expand, making it easier to read!)