A few days ago Scott and I went out on a little outing to shoot some photos and head over to the Pasadena farmers market. Along the way I spotted this beautiful bridge—though a little old and rough around the edges, it was photogenic and filled with gorgeous, rounded “clamshell triangle” designs (yes, I googled desperately to try to find the term, and that is one of them!). We parked the car and began to take photos. Because photoshoots are a constant norm for the streets of LA-LA-Land, typically Angelinos aren’t fazed when they see them happening in the streets. However, to my surprise, cars kept on slowly driving by, inching cautiously, trying not to disrupt our shoot! I found it to be both endearing and hilarious. I thought, “Wait. It’s RUSH HOUR, in LOS ANGELES— the city where people are always rushing from A to B— and WE ARE (inadvertently) HOLDING UP TRAFFIC. No one is honking! Everyone is smiling and being so gracious! Is the world ending?”. I couldn’t believe it. In that moment, my faith in humanity was restored.

Moving on though— let’s talk about this beautiful jacket from Sézane! I’ve always loved the look of a perfectly-cropped moto jacket, but because they are typically sold in black leathers, I’ve always felt self conscious when wearing them, feeling like my soul was too light to wear something so dark and heavy (there was a time however, long ago, when I refused to wear color #justblack and told my mom that I didn’t want to wear blush because I wanted to look “dead”. #modellife #highfashion). I’ve felt the same about wearing sunglasses, too – both feel a little “too much” for my style – too heavy, glam, dark or “superstar”-esque. No offense to black leather jackets or sunglasses, it’s just a silly long-standing insecurity that I need to work on. So anyway, when Sezane sent over this gorgeous jacket, I finally felt like I belonged to the moto-jacket-club. The shape and crop was perfect, as was the soft, golden brown tone of the suede. It felt as “me” as a moto jacket could get. Simple. Classic. No crazy zippers or patches. But still cool.

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Thank you so much, Sézane! I feel so grateful to be able to collaborate with brands that I wear, love and admire.


All opinions and text are my own. 

Photography by Scott Vance + Onlifebeauty.