Brooklyn the Movie: Why I Loved It



Last week Scott and I went to go see Brooklyn the movie. It’s about an Irish girl who immigrates to America (specifically Brooklyn, New York) in the 1950’s and falls in love with an Italian plumber. The love story is unexpected in some ways (for her, and probably for us too) but so romantically beautiful and heart wrenching at once. I came out of the theater with a heart that wanted to explode with love, specifically towards Scott, my now husband, who truly is, to me, the Italian to my Irish. (Or in our case, the American to my French – sorry if that’s corny, but it’s true!)

Brooklyn The Movie

You see, growing up I remember always telling my mom “I’m moving straight back to France when I get the chance, and I’m only going to be with French men” (obviously I was very young and had never tasted anything different, so to speak – but I’ve also always been very proud of the country that I grew up in, and I always felt like France was home). But here I am, a few, but very important few, years later, and…I’m still here in Los Angeles, but married to a man from Idaho, who turns out to be more than anything I could ever dream for. He looks at me like the Italian man looked at Eilis (the lead, played by Saoirse Ronan). With constant complete adoration and fascination. He is respectful and gentle, unlike anything she’d had before (it seems). Eilis’ mother passes away (thank goodness that part I cannot relate to) and she goes back to Ireland, her homeland. There are parts that she missed so deeply about her country, but she soon realizes that it is not “home” anymore to her. She eventually goes back to what she found was her true home – the man she loved, in Brooklyn. THIS.

Last year I went back to France, where my very roots were planted, and for the first time, to my disbelief, it did not feel like home. Which, was a little saddening, because we’d all like a physical place to call home. What I realized, however, is that I had a different kind of home that filled my heart. Scott is my home. He literally is why I stayed here in Los Angeles, because I was actually researching schools in Paris when we first started dating, a little over two years ago. I never felt like Los Angeles was home. And now . . . it is.


I completely adored this movie not only for the great cast (OK, the little Italian brother ?! SO funny!), but because it acted like some kind of mirror to my own story, give or take a few details. I could see with my two eyes what it looked like from the outside, to be loved by Scott. To have someone look at me in adoration, for being such an often odd or silly person. For just being myself. It was beautiful. All of it.

And, I suppose, that’s why people love movies, isn’t it? We all love fantasy, but we also love feeling understood and seeing ourselves in the stories that are told.