The Smile Lines That 2017 Brought

Happy New Year!!! I am so grateful for 2017 and so grateful for so many of you that have followed along through it all. Here are a few thoughts that I also shared on Instagram. 2017 was…

The best year of my life.

A few days ago (while in Idaho) Scott and I visited one of Scott’s best friends’ fathers — a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. At one point, semi-jokingly, he asked me If I needed anything done, and semi-jokingly, after first thinking “no way!” I said, “wellllll…actually when I smile a lot, I have these smile lines!”. To my horror, he swiftly replied, “oh yes. I can see them”. My first reaction was to think, “well WAIT, it’s only the morning, I haven’t even been smiling that much yet!” but my second thought was, “well…maybe it’s beautiful, in a way, to have smile lines be the first creases in my face. It makes sense, after all. I have been smiling a whole lot this year. And not just polite smiles, but real, hearty, gummy smiles! And why would I ever want to erase those signs of joy and life?”…


… All of these “ugly smiles” (gummy ones —the smiles that I’ve been made fun of and shied away from my entire life) have become like windows to my soul. They remind me that I am resilient. They represent the fruits of a long journey of growing pains. Courage. Perseverance. Growth. Strength. Grace. Hope. Life. This past year I faced a few of my biggest fears, sat in my many uncomfortable zones and learned to protect myself all while remaining soft, open and curious in heart and in life (not an easy feat, and something I have to work on every day). To be able to find joy and growth amidst the personal, internal hardships of life alone makes this year feel like a wild success. That’s not even including the incredible memories made with friends and family in France. There were beautiful mornings with Scott and Oliver (breakfast with jam and baguette in France!). I forged many new friendships and memories while on set, doing this job that I love. I received an abundance of lovely messages via Instagram, SMS, and Email. Not to mention all the tiny moments in-between that lead to these ugly, gummy, beautiful smiles.

Thank you all for being in my life, for touching it in some way, whether it be through love, inspiration, or wisdom, and for allowing me to be me. Sending a big giant hug (my favorite if you know me) and love to all of you! Here’s to 2018, more self-love, self-growth, and smiles.