Self Portrait Series : Love in the Air

Taking self-portraits has been one of my most favorite creative outlets for the past five years.  A few weeks ago, by clicking on the hashtag #noiretportrait (a hashtag I created to document these portraits), I noticed that my first self-portrait was way back in 2013! Looking back at my portrait work, I was able to see the progress and growth that I’ve had as a creative and human — not necessarily that the growth has been “better” per se, just different. In many ways, I’ve become less curious, daring and even childlike in my venture for capturing the beauty that I find. However, the innocent side of me— the part that seeks and recognizes magic in the world— is also the same that brings me the most pleasure. As adults, we are taught that expressing creativity and childlike joy comes secondary and could even be considered immature. But I just don’t think that’s true, and I aspire to keep this romantic imagination as long as I can, whether It be through taking portraits or not.

Taking these [portraits] has always been so much fun. It’s always felt like “me” time — a time to slow down, allow myself to be completely immersed, intertwine photography and my love for shadows and light, push creative boundaries (try this? Maybe this?) and try to capture the magic that I see while finding a way to fit myself in it. It feels like a collaboration, a dance of sorts.