HEY GUYS! I hope that you all are having a wonderful week, or time of year. This post is the first of many Q&A posts, where I gather questions from the Q&A tab and answer them for you. Any more questions? Head over to Q&A and ask away.

1. Do you feel differently now that you’re used to yourself as a blonde? If so, how do you see yourself?

Becoming blonde has been a really positive experience for me, and has been a part of an exciting and beautiful time in my life. Therefore, I love being blonde. It’s been a part of me for a few years- some of the most exciting and rewarding years. Also, I feel that being blonde has lightened my attitude a little. It makes me feel less serious, less mopey, if you will.  Also also – I have seen a difference in the way people approach me. When I had darker hair, my cheekbones were more harsh, my skin was more pale. I wasn’t as ‘inviting’ and warm-looking as I am now, as a blonde. Although, I am still the same person. A hair color did not change me. It came along for the ride, and so I love it for what it is.

2.What other type of work would you be doing if or when modeling is no longer your main gig?

Ah, yes this question. You know, I’ve always seemed to know exactly what I’ve wanted in life and whom I’ve wanted to become. The vision that I have, of who I am meant to be, has not changed. If anything, little additions and details are added onto the vision – but its never changed. Now. I love modeling because I love creating beautiful images- I love collaborating, and uniting the entire team to become one wavelength.  I love inspiring others and that is where I get fulfillment. The goal is to expand this blog and reach out to as many people as I can, creating a brand and following that will exceed modeling. I want to be an ambassador of sorts & a positive, creative influence in the fashion industry. I have never intended to simply be a model. I have always wanted to be something bigger, someone that can hopefully change lives in a positive way- whether it’s an industry, or even one person.

But you know, I don’t want to close myself off. Because I love to write, I love to take photos, I love to cast, I love to seek beauty and find special people and talents. I love school. I love to travel to rural countries and write about them. I love to help people see beauty. So I can’t say that I want to shut all else out- because maybe there are many things that I can do. Does that answer your question?

And If I hadn’t ever known the fashion world (which is almost impossible, with my effortlessly chic grandmother), I probably would have been a journalist. Who knows- maybe I still will be. Stay tuned!

3.What qualities in other people are you attracted to? (and not in a romantic or sexual sense)

That’s a good question. I guess…I’m attracted to sincerity and gentleness. It seems that these are qualities that are rare enough; when I meet people with them, I am reminded of how good it is, and how I should always strive to be in that same way. I am attracted to people that inspire me to be better – maybe it’s their generous heart, their selfless and unselfish ways, their strong faith that all will be well. I am fascinated by those that are “fearless”- they are go-getters and make things happen for themselves. I am attracted to qualities that I admire, that I wish to see in myself. Earlier I said that these qualities are “rare enough”- what I mean by that is, few people have the knowledge that they can be better or that they can possess these qualities. I think, though, that everyone has it in them. It’s people that inspire me to be better that remind me of this.

4.What makes Vision the perfect agency for you?

Vision is a wonderful agency to be with. You know, however, that it isn’t so much about the agency as it is the agents. I’ve known my agent Meg Day for five years, and she is someone that I hold dear to my heart. She has been with me through it all, and has supported me as a model through “thick” and “thin”. The whole team at Vision genuinely cares about me. They are happy to see me, and care about my well-being as a person…which is incredibly refreshing, because often times the industry overlooks that models are humans too. Vision believes in me. Aside from my personal thoughts, Vision is a ‘smaller’ agency that focuses on each individual girl. No two girls are alike, and each one is there for a reason. On the contrary to Vision, some agencies scout their hearts out & hope for the best, without any real intention or push. I have never been super-tall nor super-thin, and so, I needed a smaller agency to represent me as more of a personality. Not just a blank slate- but a person, with a heart and vision.

5.How long did it take you to get into shape? Were you still signed with an agency when you were at 38 inch hips?

Overall, it’s taken me six months to lose 35 pounds. I didn’t want to speed-diet into anything because the reality of it is that I needed to just get better. I needed to slowly find ways that would help me lead a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because I’ve been a model for years, and have tried possibly every diet that there is to try. None of it works, long-term. I was so tired and sick of struggling. I didn’t want to DO it anymore. So…I slowly got into the groove of a healthy lifestyle, and it’s something that ended up being surprisingly easy. Hard work, but not a mind struggle like it had been in the past. To answer your question- yes, I was still signed with Vision. I actually still shot for Vogue and a fragrance campaign back then, which may have helped, but really, Vision stuck with me. I think that Meg has known me for long enough to know that I usually bounce back. I usually figure it out. I have always fluctuated, though – up and down. Maybe it wasn’t such a crazy thing. It happens.

6.You used to be at least a 38 inch hip. How many inches are they now that you’re feeling proud and confident?

I’m feeling proud and confident not for the inches that my hips hold. I feel proud for the JOURNEY and the HEALING that I’ve been able to have these past six months. I didn’t think that it was possible – to rid (not completely, almost) of the mean, awful ‘skinnygirl’ demons that would whisper to me constantly “you should be thinner but Ha Ha – sucks for you, obviously it’s impossible now”. Do you know how incredibly tiring it is to have these yo-yo thoughts in your head? Some of you may be able to relate. It’s exhausting. I’m confident because now I know that it is possible to turn yourself around. It is possible to acquire new habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is possible to be healthy and happy. And…I went to the beach last week. I went to the beach last week!!! I wore a bikini and was so excited to frolic in the waves. I hadn’t done this in YEARS – because although I am a model and I may be confident on set, I’ve always been the girl that wore the big T-shirt to the beach. Yep.

I am proud of myself…because I should be.


Photo Credit: Shawn Arrington