Our Wedding Day



I want to thank my friend and photographer Monika Ottehenning for capturing the day and being there. And, of course, to all of our friends and family for being there and making the day so special (post with thank-yous and our story is here). Going through these photos makes me cry every single time, and I am so grateful to have been blessed with the love and presence of those that we love and cherish. It was truly the best, most wonderful day. I can’t think of anything that was more special, except maybe the actual “marriage” part. Marriage is awesome you guys! Scott is the greatest.

And so, here are the photos : enjoy!

The Morning Of: 

I remember fading in and out of panic mode and complete bliss. One minute I was panicking a little, asking myself if I was absolutely crazy, and the next, I was dancing and asking everyone how they were doing, making a flower garland and completely relaxed about the fact that I’d be making the biggest decision of my life in four short hours. I think, at one point, I turned off the fear and put my “big girl panties on”. It didn’t matter what others thought, it didn’t matter if the ceremony/party/show was perfect, all I knew was that I would be marrying my best friend, and that this was something that I knew I’d wanted for a very long time. I couldn’t imagine NOT marrying and being with Scott, and that was that! 

Makeup on our Wedding Day

Ramsell & Erin did my hair and makeup that day, which was such an honor. I’ve known both of them for years now and they are two of my favorite artists in the industry. Such a lucky girl! As for the look, I wanted something sleek and simple, nothing too crazy or traditional. I actually based the all around hair & makeup look on this picture of Constance Jablonski!

These two ladies were my superheroes:


Our Wedding Day : Garden

Our friends and family start rolling in!

Our Wedding Day

The ceremony is about to start!

Waiting Time

Walking out with my dad whom I hadn’t seen in a year  (*cry emoji*)

Vow time- we wanted to keep ours short and sweet. Simple, but whole. As soon as the ceremony started, every worry flew out the window and my heart and soul felt at peace. I knew that I was right where I was meant to be. Also, Scott’s ring was REALLY tight which was a funny moment. I actually wasn’t able to put it on his finger at all, haha!


We did it!!!!!!

You guys, I was so completely overwhelmed. Scott and I walked out after the ceremony and I broke down in tears – what an incredible moment to see all of our friends and family, traveling near and far, come together in one place. How lucky we are to have the friends and family that we do have. How lucky we are to have each other.
Overwhelmed :)



Cake time! Scott and I had absolutely no clue as to how we were supposed to hold each other’s hands, which was kind of funny. Also, back when I wasn’t working in the fashion industry as much, I was nannying these kids (pictured at the cake table). I love them with my whole heart and therefor this picture is even more special to me.

Cutting the Cake


Party Time!!!

First Dance

Party Time



Scott is my best friend and favorite person. I have never known of a love more pure or simple or sweet, and sharing every day with him is the greatest gift that I have ever been given. We love and adore each other. There really aren’t any other words that can describe what it is. . .It’s just love! It is the most wonderful thing. (Trying so hard to not ooze out all my lovey dovey emotions on you! There will never be any words that do justice to what I feel. I have infinity amount of love for this person, and I say it almost every day, I would marry him one thousand times over. It’s true.)