Nike i-D and Why I Love It

This week, my Nike i-D tennis shoes came in the mail, and it was glorious. I’d had my old tennis shoes for two years, so, I figured it was about time to move on (especially because I heard that you’re supposed to only have a pair for about six months- help me out on this: true? false?).  Anyway the first time that i’d seen this shoe was at a photo-shoot for Nike in San Francisco. It was love at first sight and I kept wishing that Nike would just give them to me. AH, but alas, twas not the case. So obviously, as you can see from the title of this post, I love these shoes. Let me really tell you why.


Of course I think that it depends on the style of shoe that you order, but the ones that I got are sleek, light, flattering, and comfortable. I put them on and didn’t take them off for the rest of the day ( yes, they were cute enough to wear casually and isn’t that sort of a trend right now anyways? Cool-sporty chic. Right? Right).


I say this because they don’t have a chunky thick sole like true running shoes have. Which is perfect for me, because I can’t really run anyways. (For the past year, my shins have started to become inflamed every time that I run or put too much impact on them. It’s a medical condition where my muscles don’t have the room to expand when they need to, and so instead of expanding in the muscle’s normal slot, it pushes on my shin bones). So because of this, I’ve found that low-impact sports like Pilates and cycling are the way-to-go for my cardio (I’ll dedicate another post to my workout method and how I’ve FINALLY found something that works for me).


I feel more so connected to my tennis shoe than any other tennis shoe that I’ve had. Why so? Because it’s sort of like my baby. You know, I created it. Ha ha. But really! Nike i-D allows users to create their very own tennis shoe- you choose the style, colors, trimming, logo, etc. This was a super smart move on Nike’s part, especially in a world where people want things when they want them, and how they want them. Today it’s all about consumerism and ‘owning’ things. Why do we love having the most recent i-Phone? Why do we love pinning things on Pinterest? Why do we love having the “new cool thing”? Because we love to feel like we own something. It reassures us when we can’t seem to control anything else in our lives. And for a moment, we are a part of something new. And doesn’t everyone want to be a part of something?