A Night with Chanel Beauty & We Love Coco

When I received Chanel’s invitation for their “We Love Coco” party a few weeks ago, I was in awe and very excited. Being a part of the Chanel community means more to me than lipstick and glamour. As I mentioned on my Instagram a few days ago, it means a certain closeness to my grandmother (who first introduced me to fashion & all things Chanel) and making her proud…which means the absolute world to me.

The party was held in Los Angeles a few days ago and was in celebration of Chanel’s Beauty House and newest Instagram handle, We Love Coco (or @welovecoco), an interactive U.S. community on Instagram for Chanel beauty and all people that love Chanel!

It was a joy and honor to be there and was so much fun to run into a few familiar faces. Merci Chanel, merci We Love Coco, and of course, merci to my dear friend Jordane Crantelle.


Here is my little Chanel recap!

The Invite

Inside of this box was the most fun invite I’ve ever seen, a black Chanel view-master with a reel wheel of Chanel’s invite hidden inside (you can see one of the reels in the second image!)

The Prep

Fast forward to a few hours before the event. I first went through my beauty routine and applied my makeup, using Chanel & Glossier products (two of my favorites for makeup!). Here is what I used:

Rosewater Face Mist

Moisturizer “Merveillance Expert” Correcting Cream by Nuxe 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Soleil Tan de Chanel (as a bronzer & eyeshadow)

Boy Brow by Glossier (in blonde) to brush the eyebrows up

L’Oreal mascara (I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite though, so any mascara!)

A little tap of Chanel’s Rouge Coco Mademoiselle 05 (on cheeks & lip!)

A tap or two of Poppy & Someday’s Organic Peppermint Herbal lip balm (for yummy hydration)

Glossier’s Haloscope highlighter (in Quartz — the BEST!)


I then slipped into a beautiful heart-embroidered Zimmermann dress, a pair of vintage earrings, a pair of Manolo Blahnik‘s and off I went— as nervous as can be. (So nervous, I had to call Scott mid-Uber for a few words of wisdom and love.) It surprises me every time how ill I become when I go to events because, on the flip side, I thrive on set — even when there are 30 people watching! But events are a whole new rodeo for me, I suppose. As a total perfectionist, immersing myself into unknown territory is often daunting and anxiety-inducing.  Who knows what’ll happen at an event? Will I see people I know? Break a heel? Know where to go? But maybe that’s the absolute beauty and wonder of it all; maybe I should learn to embrace the unknown. Because most of the time, the unknown turns out to be…well, a lovely time. And not so scary after all.

The Party

The moment I stepped out of the car was the moment I felt alright (as always). It was also the moment that I saw some familiar faces, like Taylr Anne and Courtney Halverson, two incredibly sweet women who are also powerhouse bloggers. We’d been in contact for a few years on Instagram, so finally meeting was delightful! In addition to seeing those two lovelies, I was delighted to be able to spend time with a new friend, Loan Chabanol, whom I met a few weeks ago at the launch of Laure Dubreuil’s line LHD. She is a French actress and painter living in Los Angeles, and she is intelligent, elegant, kind, humble, and all things lovely. Together, along with her (equally kind and lovely!) friend and brow-master Jimena Garcia, we had a wonderful time.

The Chanel Beauty House’s interiors were transformed into a house-like structure, with five different, interactive rooms. When we first walked in, the lights were dimmed to red and all eyes immediately went to a neon red, glowing outline of Coco Chanel on the wall. The red hallway then flooded into a four-way fork, each leading to different rooms. One room was filled with Chanel perfume & products on display (with adorable little bags to match), another had a bathtub filled with pearls to pose in, another with a swing set in front of a bright pink wall (also to pose in, video below!), and another with a neon-like atmosphere, complete with a queen-size bed and ceiling mirror to match (crazy!).  Loan first showed me around the Chanel house, and I eventually followed the music towards the outdoor garden, where, of course, Tove Lo was playing. I caught her right as she was playing her last song, “Habits”, and it was awesome! She had a really great presence and a killer voice. Everyone was having a great time dancing and singing along. I was soaking up the moment, telling my mind, “please remember this! Please!”.

Loan, Jimena and I ended the night mingling, taking photos, munching on sweet potato fries and a heavenly butterscotch pudding.

All in all, it was a beautiful, exciting evening with some great people. And, as usual, I was questioning why I was ever nervous to begin with. After all, we are all human and more alike than we think.


We Love Coco by Chanel x Alex Noiret


We Love Coco by Chanel x Alex Noiret

We Love Coco by Chanel