My Cozy Cabin Winter Holiday

For the holidays Scott and I headed toward Boise, Idaho, which is Scott’s hometown! We’ve come here past winters and summers, each time enjoying the fresh air, untouched nature, family time, and peaceful silence that comes from a small city (unlike hectic Los Angeles). Scott’s parents always welcome us with open arms, and their love paired with the cozy cabin (up in the mountains of McCall, a few hours away from Boise) feels, warm, safe, and comfortable like a cocoon! And who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wrapped in a warm cocoon?!

Growing up, my family was never very festive.  Pair that with a reasonably dysfunctional environment, and the holidays weren’t all that joyous — sure, we had gifts and a tree, but (let’s just use the same metaphor) I wouldn’t say I ever felt wrapped in a warm cocoon. Not that the holidays have to be one certain way, but marrying into Scott’s family has given me a taste of what it feels like to have a cozy, WHITE, festive Christmas. And, I have to admit, it’s pretty fun.

Thoughtful gestures of love are my love language (rather than gifts or physical touch, for example), and so my heart was smitten with all of the love that Scott’s family showed us. His stepmother made my bed and left a few blankets at the foot of it, in case I got cold. She made sure to have healthier food options, knowing that it would help me feel comfortable. Up at the cabin, she hand-stitched all of our stockings, including mine, which had an Eiffel Tower pendant on it. On our pillows, in each of our bedrooms, were little “welcome” candies. She handmade all of the quilts throughout the cabin. Scott’s father re-built the entire cabin by hand, plank by plank. Everywhere we turned there was thoughtfulness and love. My heart was so happy and grateful.

We spent our time in Idaho well. Of course, we celebrated Christmas, visited family and all. We also went tubing with Scott’s father (on his birthday! Video below), discovered a delicious new dinner spot in McCall (thank you Jim and Lynda!), rented movies (at— yes they still exist— a DVD STORE!), and cozied up in the cabin. We shot a few photos, I ate a little too much candy (but was relatively able to ration it out…I think), read our books and played MANY games of Sequence. It was a true vacation, and we enjoyed our time. Living in Los Angeles and working freelance can make for a somewhat hectic lifestyle (but a beautiful one nonetheless), and so retreating for a little R&R was just what we needed.

I am so grateful for this life, for my sweetheart Scott, for his loving family, and all of the memories made thus far in this life. I hope all of you had a beautiful holiday and are having a wonderful NEW YEAR! Let’s kill it in 2018, with kind hearts, fierce minds, and brave spirits.