Morocco Trip : Dades Gorges x Tavin

Dades Gorges

After a long day trekking through the Atlas mountains with our driver Ali, we finally arrived at our hotel in Dades Gorges (pronounced ‘Daddy’s Gorgeous!’). The hotel, Kasbah Tizzarouine, rested on this beautiful, relatively big piece of  land with a building for a kitchen, resting area, bedrooms, pool, etc. It was an oasis and what’s more – there was absolutely no one in sight. Which for us, meant shooting galore. In the garden of the grounds was a spot with a view – a view of the whole city below us, Dades Valley. Mounds and clumps of geometric tan lines were visible, with lots of green trees (which was beautiful and not so common in the desert). So, we immediately started shooting and here are the photos! Enjoy.

(We later had a delicious dinner with little kitties swarming around us – I mean SWARMING – which, I had no problem with. We fed them the leftovers of our chicken cous cous, which we probably weren’t allowed to do but oh well. Why waste right?)

A big thank you to Tavin Boutique for providing beautiful clothes for this trip. Also Also a big thank you to Alaina Manibog for coloring my hair and keeping it fresh and beautiful, always. Also Also ALSO a big giant thank you to Easton Schirra, one of my favorite photographers and people. He didn’t have to shoot street style but he did. I am the luckiest girl!


Vintage Tribal Jean Top – Tavin Boutique 

Silver Arm Bracelet – Silverella NYC

Navy Chain Purse – Bally

Kaki Pants – H&M

Lace-Up Sandals – Madewell