Meeting Carly Dame in Paris

On my last trip to Paris in chilly November, I had the sunny delight to meet Paris-based photographer Carly Dame. Carly and I connected and stayed in touch via Instagram prior to meeting. Between her lovely, candid and fun photos, and our exchanges through Instagram DMs, talking about life and mutual emotions and experiences, I knew as soon as I was in Paris I wanted to meet her.

We gave each other rendez-vous in the Jardin des Tuileries, which felt oddly romantic as we searched for one another amidst crowds of tourists and people (had I not felt slightly upset over a silly tiff Scott and I had just had on the subway over, it seriously would have felt like a scene in a movie!). We found each other, hugged and said hello, and…well, let’s just say we ended up talking for five hours straight over delicious hot chocolate and pastries. Those five hours felt like one.

There are many things I loved getting to know about Carly, one of them being the inspiring go-getter spirit she carries. A spirit that isn’t necessarily cut-throat like you’d imagine a typically ambitious person would carry, but one that is soft and warm, open and curious to life all around. In one short year, she has created an incredible portfolio of work, clients and experiences, because of her talent and because of her ability to get out of her own way, to “feel the fear and do it anyway” (a quote from Susan Jeffers). For someone that feels  I am constantly getting in my own way (largely for fear of failure), Carly’s drive and spirit, and the way she seems to peacefully flow and welcome life, was so inspiring to me. To meet and observe women who carry the duality of sensitivity and softness but are also strong, savvy, entrepreneurial and badass (in a similar way that Katherine and Margaret Kleveland of Doen are) is ultimate inspiration (I think deep down because it reminds me I too can be successful and remain soft, or, as I am). Also, kind people are just golden.

Love you Carly!

photos by Carly Dame

carly dame x alex noiret