Making Of: Laer Brand’s FW15 Preview

MAKINGHey guys! Today i’m very excited to introduce to you a beautiful brand that I’ve had the privilege of documenting this past week. You may have seen mega-blogger Chiara Ferragni sporting their leather goods…or me. Same thing, right?!


Laer FW15

Laer is a chic, clean, beautiful LA-based women’s clothing brand that I’ve had the privilege of knowing for about a year now.  When I first met Laer, I was instantly hooked with the beauty and QUALITY that went into each leather jacket and each piece. I instantly saw the potential that they had, and I am so excited to share this article in the hopes that you can see and love the things that I have admired about this brand. Good things take time [to blossom], and right now is their moment of fruition.

In the most recent months, Laer has gone through an extraordinarily impressive and wonderful change. They have always had the quality, the resources, and vision. However, I always felt like there was something missing- something that could bind these wonderful qualities together and make the vision come to life. That ‘something’, or rather ‘someone’ happened to be Herald. So, what’s the story? Where did this person come from? What is Laer up to now? About a week ago I had the chance to visit the Laer headquarters and take a closer look into their new FW15 collection that they’ve been preparing for the New York & European showrooms. Not only did I end up helping out with the order of the looks (for the look-book), but I also had the chance to ask Laer partner Shawn Arrington (who’s also a fellow friend & photographer) a few questions about how these  changes came to be, and what we should be expecting for 2015.

Laer FW 15

It all started with Kanye West and his most recent collection for Adidas, Kanye West x Adidas Originals collection. West’s collection was put together in the Laer factory (click to see here) and through the course of a few months, he had designers and artists from all over the world come in to give their thoughts and advice. One of those artists happened to be a stylist named Herald who was working with Phoebe Philo’s  Céline at the time. Herald was then introduced to the partners of Laer, (they were in the same studio after all) and that’s when the magic began. A few months down the line, a new collection with a fresh perspective was born.

Check out some exclusive audio files of the interview & some behind-the-scenes photos I took inside Laer Brand’s factory, in addition to beautiful photos that photographer and co-partner Shawn Arrington snapped. What originally was a 1 hour interview turned into 4, and what a delight it was.

 Polaroids 2015


Alex Noiret by Shawn Arrington

Alex Noiret by Shawn Arrington

Going through the selects for the Laer look-book was a really new, challenging-but-fun experience for me. The outfits had to slowly merge into another mood with fluidity. Colors couldn’t repeat too closely together, and it took a few hours to lay out everything perfectly. Like a puzzle.

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Alex Noiret by Shawn Arrington

Wearing Laer Brand knit sweater & wide-leg leather pants.


Chiara Ferragni in Laer Brand by Andrew Arthur

Blogger Chiara Ferragni in Laer Brand

Alex Noiret by Shawn Arrington

Twirling in the atelier…knit skirt & leather jacket by Laer Brand

Alex Noiret by Shawn Arrington

I had such a fun time creating this blog post. Having been a fashion model more than a few years, I’ve always been fascinated with the behind-the-scenes skill and passion that goes into creating a brand. It takes a LOT of time, talent and energy and it isn’t as glamorous as it looks. Hopefully this post gave you a different perspective and appreciation of how clothes are made (especially with high-quality brands like Laer). I am so excited to see where this collection will take them, and how the future of Laer will carry out. Until then, keep an eye out and shop away!

If you liked this post or have any questions comment below and let me know! Love you guys.